Unexpected // Claire & Mohinder

At the compliments, Mohinder was able to breath a little easier. Just a little though. “Thank you. I’m no decorator, but I try. Magazines help out somewhat. I attempted to mix traditional Indian with modern, remembering where I came from but also acknowledging where I’m heading…” And right now he was heading right down Rambling Road. Luckily he managed to stop himself and clear his throat. “Again, thank you.”

His name - Mohinder knew it well. “Your sister has spoken of you several times; very highly, I might add.” As William took a seat, so did Mohinder, leaving enough room for Claire beside him. Yes, he’d feel safer with her beside him, but resisted the urge to pat the cushion to ask her to. That would have looked awkward with William not knowing they were together. So instead, he gave her a glance and attempted a telepathic message, which of course wouldn’t work.

“Ah yes, well first…” And now the rambling began, explaining the process in medium detail (because full details would probably bore him). Science was something that Mohinder could easily yammer about all day and right now it was helping him delay the inevitable truths that would be coming out soon. “And then once I was sure - triple and quadruple checking my charts - I tested it on myself. Since my ability was different from hers, it would not remove my power, but I could ensure that there were no negative side effects.” That part he hadn’t told Claire, and hadn’t meant for it to slip out now, but well, what was done was done.

“I would never put a patient in danger. So with that out of the way, the serum was given to her and her ability vanished… with no negative aftereffects.” Mohinder couldn’t help reliving that moment when she realized she was cured, and looked over to her with a smile that was full of love and hope. He practically had hearts in his eyes. After a moment, he caught himself and cleared his throat. “And that was basically it. I love her–I mean, I loved helping her.” Oh gods.

The End

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