Unexpected // Claire & Mohinder

Claire was glad at the sight of Mohinder: he was just as dashing as ever, though she knew he was nervous. Which meant, likely, that William would know he was nervous. She hoped he’d have the tact not to call him on it.

Cool blue eyes took in the man’s appearance. Not too shabby, not overdressed, nothing that screamed ‘socially incapable’ as was the case with many doctors William knew. Overall, no obvious complaints, aside from the fact that the man had spent a large chunk of time with his sister. It would make William suspicious no matter who it was. William grasped Mohinder’s hand in his own and gave it a firm, assessing sort of shake, as though testing the doctor’s strength. “Likewise, doctor,” he replied, grin jovial with an undercurrent of predatory. Sir was a good term, but it meant that Mohinder was either overly polite, or frightened. William assumed the latter. "I like what you’ve done with the place. It has a vague…feeling of cultural combination, in the best way possible.“ Turning around, he gestured at some of the knickknacks and decor.

Claire knew what he was doing. Lulling Mohinder in, giving him a false sense of security before pouncing. It was what William did best. She wanted to yell at him for it, tell him he’d regret it, but she couldn’t. Not if she wanted this meeting to go well. She satisfied herself with a pointed glare and crossing her arms.

"William Wandesford,” he added, a casually forgotten afterthought, “as I’m sure you probably already knew.” It was when he nodded to his sister that he noticed her less than pleased expression. A train of doubt and curiosity ran through his mind; Claire was not the most polite creature herself. If she was upset at his behavior, then something bigger was afooot. Unless she was very thankful for the presumed healing of her affliction. That must’ve been it. It was life altering, after all. Thoughtfully scratching his beard, William sat himself unceremoniously down in one of the chairs by the couch. He had an air of power, elegance, even draped over a normal chair. 

“So, Dr. Suresh,” he continued, toning himself down a little, “why don’t you tell me how you managed to cure my sister? I assume that’s why I am here, after all.” Both brows raised in question as he looked between the two of them, demeanor demanding answers.

The End

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