Unexpected // Claire & Mohinder

An unsure nod was given at her question. “I will have to show you my research, but it appears there is no way to predict what power - if any - the offspring will have. I have theories, but no conclusive evidence of a pattern.” Mohinder could imagine what she was thinking, what she was imagining. Enhanced strength was nothing to worry about, but her power might cause a problem. “Whatever happens, remember I have the technology to set everything right.” She would understand what that meant. No way would Mohinder allow his daughter or son to go through what Claire had. As for the subject of William, he would put all his trust in Claire.

The following shower was very eventful, and Mohinder found himself thankful for the invention of soundproof walls. By the time the last bit of water dripped from the shower head, the geneticist felt as though he could take on the world.


Noticing her smile, Mohinder couldn’t help returning it and wondering just what she was thinking at that moment. Although curious, he’d never wish for the ability of mind reading - too much responsibility. If asked though, he’d say he was glad she had chosen him. And he more than understood about not allowing the past to interfere in the future. Claire was an amazing woman and just like him, she’d done some things she might not be proud of. They could put those parts of their pasts behind them, together.

At the towel suddenly on his head, he gave a laugh as well as fingers moved to run first across the arms that held him and then to tickle along the tops of her hands in a playful manner. “I’m afraid that without a shrink ray, that will not be possible… Don’t give me any ideas, my love.” Lifting one of her hands, he kissed the top of it before placing it on his chest, over his heart.

At the buzzing of the doorbell, he lifted the towel and gave her a nod. “I’ll be right there in just a moment, beside you.” Once Claire disappeared from view, his smile turned to a worried frown. In an instant, he was inside his closet, choosing something to wear. First impressions were everything, so he had to choose wisely. Not too formal or the guy would think he was a snob. Not too relaxed or he’d be taken for a slob…

After a few minutes, Mohinder finally appeared from the bedroom - suede leather dress shoes, black blue jeans, and white long sleeved undershirt with a tidy black vest buttoned over it. Not too classy but not too laid back. With a smile that attempted to show no fear, he made his way over to William, outstretching his hand in greeting. “Pleasure to meet you, sir.” Uh oh, was sir the right thing to call him? Some took that as calling them old, even though in Mohinder’s profession, it was, well, being professional.

“I’m Mohinder Suresh and I must say, your sister here, she’s absolutely brilliant… but you probably already knew that.” Cue a casual laugh with just a hint ofohmygodspleasedon'tkillme nervousness. That seemed like a decent starting point, and Mohinder glanced to Claire to see if she wanted to take it from there, not knowing how she wanted to begin breaking the news.

The End

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