Unexpected // Claire & Mohinder

“Do you even have information about how abilities are passed on?” she asked, face darkening as she thought about the potential ‘gift’ their child could inherit. It had always been a primary reason she’d never wanted children, fearing that they would be subject to the same realities of her own childhood. Claire would never forgive herself if that was the case. Pursing her lips together at the thought, she nodded at Mohinder’s assessment. 

She was strong, of that she was sure, though she felt anything but at the moment.

“He knows me better than that. I’m not easy to manipulate,” Claire quipped, quirking half a smile as she tried to fight her foreboding thoughts. “Though you have managed to captivate me rather thoroughly…” She had planned to rest against his chest, but he picked her up instead, carrying her off to their waiting shower.

“If that’s what the doctor orders…”


Having grudgingly dressed herself after what had proven to be a most delightful, satisfying shower, Claire patted at her hair with a towel, though it was nearly dry as it was. The large cream sweater covered most of the lacy pink skirt she’d chosen to go with it, but more importantly, made her look as tiny as the day she’d darkened Mohinder’s doorstep. It felt like ages ago, now that she reflected on it. As she glanced over at the man she intended to spend the rest of her life with–whatever that meant–a smile spread across Claire’s face.

Mohinder was one of the best of men, certainly the best she’d ever met, and for a moment she couldn’t believe that he’d chosen her. He knew all that she’d been through, the numbers of people who had died at her hands, her lack of remorse in doing so…and yet he still wanted to stand at the altar next to her. Perhaps a figurative altar, she thought, as she hadn’t stepped foot in a church in ages. But that was for later contemplation.

Giggling, she tossed the damp towel over Mohinder’s head and wrapped her arms around him from behind. “If I just hide you under here, mayhaps I’ll avoid having to reveal you after all.” She laughed only to hide a sigh, knowing she wouldn’t be so lucky. A buzz of the doorbell confirmed this, and her heart jumped into her throat before sinking to rest somewhere in her intestines.

William was at the door.

“I’ll get it,” she whispered before disentangling herself to let her brother in. Claire stared at the door for a long moment, letting out a heavy sigh, and then turned the knob.

Her brother wore his usual affectionate grin as the door opened to admit him, and he leaned in to embrace his sister. The contrast between them was striking and much more obvious than the similarities that ran deeper in their personalities. Where she was fair, he was dark, William was a good foot taller than his sister; he was well muscled with broad shoulders whereas Claire was more lithe and sinewy. They shared the same eyes and noble features, however, and as Claire broke away from her brother, she couldn’t help but feel a little bit more at home  for his presence, despite the nature of the call. 

“I trust you found the place well enough?” she asked, stepping aside and closing the door behind him. William nodded in silence, folding his sunglasses and tucking them into the pocket of his blue button-up shirt. They went will with his charcoal dress pants, though he had rolled the sleeves up for comfort. 

“It’s decently furnished, this apartment,” William observed at length, turning about to see what he could see. Not that he was interested in things over his sister, or the somewhat guilty tone in her voice that had brought him here.

“Now, tell me,” he began, slipping his hands into his pants pockets, looking for all the world as though he were a fashion model rather than a contract killer, “where is this doctor of yours? I’d like to thank him, if he’s accomplished what I think he has…”

Oh, we’ve accomplished something, Claire thought with an inward groan. “He’ll be along presently,” she said aloud, peering toward the bedroom.

The End

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