Unexpected // Claire & Mohinder

Good, good. Sweaters would work. Mohinder’s worried expression turned into a smirk at her adorable pouting. No matter the subject, she could always make him feel better one way or another and he nodded as she spoke, taking in every word. Okay, so the problem wasn’t propriety. At least that worry was out of the way.

Largely understanding was acceptable, and Mohinder felt himself beginning to relax. That was, until she mentioned bullying him into submission. Eyes went wide as nonsensical visions of Claire hitting William over the head with a rolled up newspaper went through his mind. Oh man, he really needed his tea about now, because that was a tame prediction of what would probably take place… Well, he’d planned to redecorate soon anyway.

“I see. In that case, I’m certain he will have questions about how the abilities manifest in a child.” As for her calling him Dr. Suresh, “And I hope he will not assume that I used my knowledge to blackmail you into dating me. But hopefully he knows you well enough - you would not stand for such an arrangement. You’re strong and that’s just one of the reasons I find you captivating.”

Without a second thought, he gently scooped her up into his arms to carry her to the bathroom. “Yes, a nice, hot shower sounds perfect right now… And with two hours to spare, perhaps we can find a reason for you to call me Dr. Suresh in private.” There was then a playful wink given as he took care not to bump her head in the hallway before setting her feet down on the cool tile floor.

The End

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