Unexpected // Claire & Mohinder

Following his gaze to her own stomach, Claire frowned and pouted exaggeratedly. “I’m not that enormous yet,” she countered, turning blue eyes to him. “I have several oversized sweaters I can wear that would hide the bump rather nicely. He won’t know until I want him to. Although, that is actually the point…” She shook her head and continued, addressing his other very valid concern.

“Despite some lingering old fashioned tendencies, William and I are both rather progressive. Or, at the very least, practical. I can’t vouch for his reaction, per se, but the objections he’s bound to have won’t be over some archaic notion of propriety,” Claire said as she took one of his hands in her own, managing to smile slightly, hoping it might soften what she was going to say. Or at least had intended to say, until Mohinder decided to be his usual wonderful self again.

This certainly was the most stereotypical example of plans changing, she could agree to that, though the fact that he’d intended to marry her before that….that was news. Not that it was likely to make William any more amenable. She wasn’t even sure if he’d be upset, or disappointed that she hadn’t told him sooner. He could be so unpredictable sometimes…brave for you…Oh, if only he really knew what that meant, when it came to William.

“The only way to find out it to talk with him, unfortunately,” she sighed, “Though I do feel he will be largely understanding. If the situation is otherwise…I have plenty of dirt on him to bully him into submission. And he knows that you have an ability, I told him that before I even sought out your aid. That you were different, like I was, and could help me. I did not tell him what as I didn’t know, nor does he know a thing about us. On the phone I simply referred to you as Dr. Suresh.” She shrugged elegantly and bit her lip again, giving his hand a squeeze back.

“I told him to come here in about two hours. So…showering might be in order…we can figure out answers during?” she suggested, glad she’d cleaned the place yesterday. 

The End

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