Unexpected // Claire & Mohinder

With the tea crisis averted and baby given attention, like an obedient puppy, Mohinder did as her hand commanded, lifting himself up to eye level with her. Noticing her smile had faded, his began to as well, having no idea what bad news he was in for. As she finished, Mohinder released the small breath he’d held in. That wasn’t so terrible, was it?

Her hesitance told that it might just be terrible, to put it simply.

Aha, well he had wondered when this would happen. Just as he was about to answer, eyes darted down to her stomach before returning, a little wider. “I do not mind, but how are we going to hide the baby?” Mohinder was sure they had a moomoo around there somewhere, but that wasn’t Claire’s typical style. If her brother was smart, he would instantly know something was up. “Should we not first announce the marriage, then later reveal the baby? I’m not sure how progressive your brother is and I certainly do not want to ruffle his feathers.”

Pausing to take a seat beside her, he wrapped an arm around her shoulders. “I planned to ask you to marry me soon anyway. I intended to give you the ring before the baby, but sometimes plans change. I hope he’ll be able to understand that.” Actually, Mohinder had planned to go all out with a romantic evening to present the ring, and he still would soon; last night had seemed too perfect of a moment to pass up.

“I’m going to be brave for you. I’ll let you do most of the talking, since you know him so well, but I’ll be right there beside you.” Fingers intertwined with hers and he gently squeezed. “If there are any questions you think he’ll ask, we’d better figure out the best way to answer them. Does he know about my ability? That is a logical place to start, since that subject might worry him.” And if he didn’t know, there was no reason to add that little fact onto the pile. “Also, how soon are we talking, exactly?”

The End

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