Unexpected // Claire & Mohinder

Her fingers had been rubbing absently over her ring as Mohinder joined her in the living room, as though touching the thing summoned him to her side, like a djin. “Bonjour, mon amour,” she said quietly, kissing him back with a sleepy tenderness. As his lips migrated to her stomach, Claire grinned and rested a hand on his head, fingers running through those familiar curls. He was warm and, as always, felt like home. “I can have tea still, yes,” she laughed, “though the doctor suggested I have decaffeinated varieties.” She pulled a little face at that, as most of her favorites were not decaf. But it was a small sacrifice, and she shrugged it off. “But I am all right for now, I already have a cup,” she clarified, nodding over her shoulder to a cup on the windowsill. 

Just as she turned her head, she heard gentle singing. It was heart breakingly sweet, and she brought her hand to her mouth as she fixed her eyes on him again. Aside from the fact that she was incredibly biased, he had a decent voice, and the act was simply adorable. Claire wiped at her eyes and nodded, smiling. “Oui, three languages. They’re going to be gifted from birth.” Which reminded her of the reason she’d stayed up this morning rather than crawl back into Mohinder’s inviting arms.

Her smile faltered, and she tucked a hand under his chin to get him to rise–she wanted to look him in the eye as she broke the news. “Chere,” she started, almost hesitant, “I…I spoke with my brother earlier. I think…how would you feel about meeting him?” She bit her bottom lip and her eyes went wide for a moment. “Today?”

She truthfully didn’t want to cause him any discomfort, but it was rare that William’s schedule aligned with her own and she didn’t want to tell him what had happened by showing up on his door with a husband and child. “Soon?” she added, almost as an afterthought, nervously clenching the fingers on one hand. It was not a meeting that she looked forward to for a great many reasons, and she could only imagine what must be going through Mohinder’s head. Why had she waited so long? What is he going to be like? Would he be angry? Did she regret any of this? 

It was conjecture, certainly, but she knew those wold be her thoughts were she put in his position.

The End

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