Unexpected // Claire & Mohinder

There were also a million and one things on Mohinder’s mind, but once she added in her vocals, his thoughts calmed and he could allow himself to get comfortable, holding her in his arms and basking in her whispers of love. Finally he could honestly say he was completely and utterly satisfied with life, and the past would finally be forgotten so he could look to the future. Soon he would fall asleep as well after brushing a few rogue strands of hair from her face. You’re going to be a brilliant mother, Claire, was his last thought before slipping into a much needed slumber.


Eyes closed and halfway still asleep, Mohinder’s arm absently searched the space beside him, hoping to pull Claire’s warm body close. Empty. Empty?! When the realization hit him, up his head sprang as he glanced around the room in alarm. "Claire?” First day engaged and he’d already misplaced his fiance! After hopping up and flinging his robe around himself, he dashed to the living room.

A sigh of relief was given as he spotted her and made his way over to kneel down in front of her. Hands softly rubbed along her stomach before he leaned in to kiss first her lips and then near her bellybutton. “Are you both alright? Do you need anything? Can you still have… tea?” At that, he glanced up into her eyes as if going tea-less would have been the worst punishment ever. “If so, I’ll put on the kettle for us.”

As she decided about that, Mohinder began to quietly sing an Indian lullaby, projecting his voice to her stomach and ensuring he pronounced each word perfectly. The baby would be learning Tamil anyway, so no time like the present. Wait… Mohinder paused to look up at her, head tilted in a curious fashion. “Our child will know three different languages? Mine, yours, and English, hm?”

The End

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