Unexpected // Claire & Mohinder

Claire shook her head and managed a tiny but sincere laugh. “Well, I’m unsure about ‘beautiful’. More like delicious…but at least I get to keep you all to myself.” She leaned her head into his hand and was  made aware again of the little spark of life growing inside her. “Almost to myself…” Pausing to get a closer look at the breathtaking bit of jewelry he’d slipped on to her finger, it took Claire a few seconds to recognize the song he’d begun playing. While R&B wasn’t at the top of her musical list, the lyrics mattered more in this case, and as her fiance added his voice, a few more rogue tears slipped down her cheeks.

“Look what you’ve gone and made me do,” she laughed wetly, wiping at her eyes, sniffing. Not normally one to cry, or even get emotional (unless that emotion was angry), Mohinder’s own tears caused a sort of happy swelling in her chest, and she gently kissed him back as that swelling turned in to an all enveloping warmth. It flooded her body and she just basked in it for a few heartbeats.

Take my hand, take my whole life too….I can’t help falling in love with you,” she sang back at him once she trusted her voice not to break. Indeed, her voice was clear and expressive. Though not the best singer in the world, she had some talent, and was more than glad to share it with Mohinder. Just as she would be glad to share everything with him. Claire was awash with a million things she wanted to say, words that pushed against her mouth for expression, but there was no proper way to convey them; instead, she relied on generous amounts of kisses and breathy “I love you"s whispered into his ear, against his mouth, warm touches. She eventually drifted off to sleep in Mohinder’s arms, filled with a sense of peace and happiness more profound than she’d even experienced.

It was good to be loved.

Morning had yet to fully announce itself when Claire woke in the pre-dawn grey, carefully sliding out of bed to avoid waking Mohinder. He had sprawled out at some point in the night and pinned her with an arm, but she set it gently aside and pulled the door silently shut behind her as she made her way to the living room.

There was still a bubble of the previous night’s bliss tucked inside her rib cage, adding a bounce to her step, but it was almost popped by the realization that hit her as she glimpsed one of her displayed knives: she would have to somehow explain this to her brother. Though very close, they often went a few months without frequent communication. William knew she’d sought out help for her ability, and knowing it was a sensitive topic, hadn’t asked her about it; he knew she’d tell him when she was ready. Except….everything had happened together, one bit right after the other, and now she was almost halfway through her pregnancy and engaged, both the fault of a man her brother had never met.

It…would be an interesting reunion.

So she called, asking William if he was nearby as she had important news to share. He sounded concerned but agreed to join 'them’ (she’d only referred to Mohinder as Dr. Suresh) for lunch. Hanging up with a heartfelt 'I love you’ and a looming sense of dread, Claire sunk herself into the couch and stared thoughtfully out the window, watching the sun rise.

The End

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