Unexpected // Claire & Mohinder

The fact that she wanted him to help out with the decorating and shopping happily surprised him. Mohinder had hoped she’d feel that way, but they could talk more about that later. Now, his stomach had a million butterflies as he enjoyed her expressions - first she was stunned, which didn’t worry him too much. And then it was like a dam broke as tears streamed down her cheeks. That caused a domino effect, and soon he found his eyes watery as well.

Taking her cheek into his palm, he smiled and whispered through the catch in his throat, “You not only get to keep this beautiful ring, but you also get to keep me as well. And some have even called me beautiful, I’m just not as sparkly.” After a quiet sniffle, he took her hand into his to slip the engagement ring on her finger and then lift that hand up to kiss the top of it. While she was distracted by that, his other hand pressed a couple buttons on the stereo remote…

Wise men say, only fools rush in… but I can’t help, falling in love… with… you,” Mohinder sung softly through tear stained eyes, UB40’s version of the song playing in the background. He had had a feeling that he’d become speechless with joy, and so luckily he’d set up this backup plan. As he continued between verses, his lips trailed up her arm until they finally met with hers. “I love you so much,” he breathed out between kisses as he prayed this wasn’t a dream. If it was, he never wanted to wake up.

The End

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