Unexpected // Claire & Mohinder

Claire nodded absently. “That is a fair sounding suggestion, for the names. Though really, from what I’ve been reading, we’ll just know when we find the right one. Like soul mates and all that,” she laughed, thinking of how they themselves had met.  That feeling was certainly there, even if it took a little while to admit. She had to bite back another laugh, however, at Mohinder’s kind if….superior sounding….next words. Claire had never told him just how much was in her own savings account, let alone how much she made per assignment. Or used to. But he seemed to have a certain amount of male pride in providing for them, and there was no denying his salary was considerable, so she let him have it…but not without teasing.

“Well thank you, for the kind permission, good sir. I will be sure to make good use of your money.” Her face took on an exaggeratedly grateful expression, and she pretended to doff her hat at him. “Though it’d be more fun if you helped too. I mean, we haven’t done a paternity test, but I am fairly certain she’ll be half of you,” she added teasingly, grinning. Really, the room was the thing she was most excited about. She’d always loved decorating, and daydreaming briefly about it distracted her from Mohinder’s stretching motions. His predictions were just as enchanting, and she imagined a small horde of children with all the variable appearances they could have, each sweeter than the next. She wondered which one would be theirs. Chuckling, she nodded again in agreement, closing her eyes briefly as his hands went through her hair. “She will have glorious hair, that is for certain. Though I’m not sure about getting her way. I’m rather stern…” Her voice was heavy with sarcasm as she leaned in to kiss his cheek, moving away as he opened something in his hand.

She was stunned into silence, eyes at first focused entirely on the ring he offered. It was beautiful. No matter the fact that she had jewels that were likely more costly or rare…this one had been picked by Mohinder, especially for her, and was more radiant than anything she had ever seen. Finally tearing her attention away from his gift, Claire met Mohinder’s gaze, her own expression blank. She was simply stunned, but a slow smile crossed her face and she finally let the tears of happiness she’d been fighting since the beginning of their talk fall. It could’ve simply been the hormones, but not a single bit of her objected to the idea like it would have not so long ago. He’d softened her, in that respect, and she didn’t mind in the slightest.

“If I say yes, do I get to keep that?” she asked, nodding to the ring with a happy, emotionally choked laugh. 

The End

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