Unexpected // Claire & Mohinder

“As you wish,” he agreed, trying not to sound too enthusiastic about the turning down of his idea to bring his mother over. But at her reaction to his promises, Mohinder began to wonder if he could actually deliver on them. Not that he wouldn’t try his best, but what if he failed? Surely with enhanced strength and endurance he would be fine. If not, that would be when a nanny could come into the picture. Either way, he smiled sweetly at the compliment, hoping he could actually earn the praise.

Mohinder found himself having to hold back a frown as she admitted she’d never dreamed of having a family or wedding. Speaking of, his eyes flickered to the nearby dresser drawer. But was now the time? Hmm. “Well, I can’t remember if I’d suggested this before, but one of us could pick out the first name, while the other picked out the middle, depending on who she favored most. If she favored you, you would pick out the first name.” That would ease confusion since most people would expect such. It didn’t take much to confuse most people, Mohinder had found. “And I have quite a bit in savings, so please design the baby’s room as you wish and feel free to buy whatever outfits you’d like.”

Pretending to stretch, one hand went into the nightstand drawer to pull out something small. But still, it wasn’t the right moment. “Something tells me you will be having a little girl. Her skin will be the shade between ours, and she’ll have your lips, nose, determination, ferocity, and beauty. Either way, she’ll be blessed in the hair department though.” His empty hand went to combing through her blonde, silky locks. “She’ll be curious and kind, and when I tell her no about something, she’ll go to you and give you the big eyes to get her way… Which still works for me, by the way.”

A quiet laugh was given before continuing, “And lastly, I would love it if she had my last name…?” With that, the small box was opened in front of her face, light bouncing from the diamond causing sparkles to dance across her skin. “As well as you. Claire, it would be an honor to be your husband. I would love nothing more than to spend my whole life with you. Will you marry me?”

The End

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