Unexpected // Claire & Mohinder

Claire couldn’t help but laugh at the image of a bustling, gushing Indian woman, pinching Mohinder’s cheek and enthusing in some beautiful language about how lovely their hundreds of fat babies were going to be. “Well, at least she’s…enthusiastic.” Grinning, Claire shoved away her immediate thoughts of her own mother; that was darker territory than she ever wanted to delve in to, especially when thinking of her own child. “But…yes, I think it might be best for us to stay in separate continents for the time being. Though she could stay with us for a little while later, if she’d like? Maybe a few weeks once the baby is older, and we’re more acclimated.” She shrugged again, not minding that idea nearly as much. At the very least, she needed to meet the woman whose grandchild she was carrying. Etiquette had taught her that much, no matter what other rules she disregarded.

Making to reply to his promise to handle things during the night, Claire stopped at his addition to that comment, heart melting a enough to make her wonder if her changing hormones hadn’t taken over completely. The man was supportive and sweet almost to a flaw, and it made her want to hit him and shower him with kisses all at the same time. “You…are simply the best,” she said after a few moments, not trusting herself to go into further detail without crying. Though she wasn’t sure how the reality of things would pan out, seeing as she was a light sleeper, the offer was moving.

“I…honestly haven’t thought of names,” she admitted, blinking eloquently. “I wasn’t the sort of girl who dreamed of her wedding and doodled names of her future children on her school books. I never actually thought I would have any, what with the blood thing.” Claire waved a hand dismissively, not wanting to get into that subject either. “Outfits would fall into that same category, I suppose. Though I’ve at least seen those at department stores. No elephant costumes thus far, although that is the cutest thing.” Her lips parted in a wide smile as she imagined a little mocha skinned baby, their baby, in a bulky grey costume, huge ears reminiscent of Dumbo. Claire had only ever participated in Halloween as an adult, but it had become one of her favorite holidays, a time when others embraced the darker side of life rather than shunning it. She almost felt like she belonged. 

Running her hand in absent circles over his chest, Claire smiled again. “What do you think they’ll look like? Boy or a girl?” She hoped they had Mohinder’s gorgeous curls regardless, and imagining the thing growing inside her as a human was less upsetting than dwelling on the further changes she would go through.

The End

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