Unexpected // Claire & Mohinder

How to explain his mother…? “Well, let’s just say that she’s ecstatic that I’ve put my effort into other things that are much less ‘dangerous’ than my usual activities. Mainly I told her how sweet you were and how much I love you, which was satisfactory for her.” Running his fingers through her hair, he let out a chuckle. “And you should have heard her when she saw your picture. She was already planning out how beautiful her grandchild would be, saying how jealous her friends would be and such.” They would definitely have to take a trip over there once the baby was born with how his mother was already planning things for them.

Her change in tone was unexpected, but Mohinder wasn’t offended, and gently rubbed at her shoulders. “Shh… Alright, as you wish. No one will visit that you do not want to, I promise.” In fact, he wasn’t fond of the idea of his mother coming over to help either. He’d never seen her in that situation and it might turn into a disaster right before their eyes. Two protective mothers under one roof… no way. And he’d watched enough tv to know that when a pregnant woman wants something, you give it to her, no questions asked.

After the kiss, he returned it, wrapping his arms around her and thought about what she’d just said, his smile turning into a concerned line. “Sleep deprivation. Yes, do not worry about that. I’m very much used to it from lab work that used to call at me to finish it. We will get soundproof headphones for you, and you just let me take care of such things during the night, alright?” After a loving squeeze, his nose nuzzled at her cheek and his voice fell to a whisper. “I cannot fathom what you’re going through, and I will do whatever I can to help bear the burden.” Turning into a spider/lizard man was scary enough, but pushing a whole living human being out of your body sounded terrifying to Mohinder once he truly thought about it.

After playfully tickling her cheek with dark lashes, a change of subject to something lighter was in order. “Alright, so tell me some of the names you have in mind, please? I was thinking first name would be of French origin and the middle name could be of Indian origin? Also, I know you’ve probably been thinking about it, so what kind of outfits would you want to dress them up in?” Mohinder didn’t mind what kind of clothing she wanted to put on the baby, so he’d go along with whatever she liked. Right now, he was throwing out any lighthearted questions he could think of to calm her down, if that was possible. “For Halloween, I’d love to dress them up as a little elephant.” He couldn’t help smirking at that adorable thought.

The End

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