Unexpected // Claire & Mohinder

Claire watched Mohinder’s face as he traced his finger over her skin, one eyebrow raised, her expression amused but skeptical. “You have such an obvious tell, chere," she chuckled, "those big wide eyes and affected innocence. But I know what you’re guilty of…” She caught his hand and tenderly, suggestively massaged his fingers. His soft lips gently kissed her skin, and she grinned, too tired to make good on her suggestion but enjoying the memories nonetheless. 

“What on earth did you tell your mother to get her to like me?” she laughed, moving slightly to place her head on his chest. “And I’ve never been to India, I hear parts of it are quite lovely. Maybe…maybe after the baby is born? I’m not supposed to travel after a certain point.” That irked her, being grounded, but she understood the necessity and was wary of doing anything that would put their child in danger before it was even born. Already she was feeling strongly attached to the thing, found herself dreaming of how he or she might look, what they would do together. They were pleasant dreams, but also reminded her of how unprepared she felt. Mohinder’s kind assurance that that they were in this together quieted those concerns. Until he mentioned bringing his mother over, to help.

Claire felt an instant surge of denial course through her; this was their child, and she wouldn’t have another mother commandeering the baby and how it was raised. The feeling was intense and entirely unexpected, and logically she wasn’t sure if she even felt that way, but it was undeniable in the moment. “I….no, I don’t think I would like your mother staying with us long term, that way. No. A nanny might be a better option, to be here during the day sometimes, if we need one.” She shrugged as well as she could laying on her side, still surprised and perplexed by her own reaction, hoping the denial wouldn’t offend him.

She pulled the covers up tighter, tucking them under her chin as she kissed Mohinder’s cheek. “I just hope you’re skilled at working with sleep deprivation.” It was one of the things she had heard was the most problematic and the one she was least looking forward to. Sleep was her favorite luxury and she hoped those hormones that made you love the baby more than life itself were strong for those moments.

The End

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