Unexpected // Claire & Mohinder

Mohinder was quite the opposite - fascinated by how her stomach continued to grow. It was science in action right in front of him! And to think, he’d caused it, and would take every opportunity to lean down to gently kiss the baby bump. Sometimes he’d even talk and sing to it in his native tongue. And to amuse Claire, he would attempt a little French as well, at least what he could remember from high school and listening to her.

Once she sat down, a hand reached over to softly pet the main source of conversation, suddenly pausing when she had said the B word. ”Bigger…?“ he repeated in a high pitched tone of complete innocence despite cheeks flushing at her teasingly lovely display. "I’m sorry, I hadn’t noticed.” Although that sounded convincing, it was a lie he was trying to hide by giving her big eyes. When his other hand was free of the book, he leaned in to touch her nose with his index finger, giving her a little taste of her own medicine by then slowly gliding that finger down her cheek, neck, and then finally ghosting over her cleavage, drawing invisible shapes on them. “No matter the size, they will always remain perfect to me.”

After a few quick pecks of his lips replaced his finger on her chest, he nodded and focused on her eyes once again. “Thank you, m'love. You are correct, I suppose - Molly was a pleasure to take care of and I handled that situation pretty well, if I’m remembering correctly. My mother has officially adopted her so when we next go to visit, you’ll finally get the chance to meet her. My mother already likes you, by the way.” Of course he’d bragged about Claire at every chance he’d gotten.

As they got comfortable under the covers, Mohinder couldn’t help noticing the worry in her expression. Now wishing he’d paid more attention in his psychology classes, he worked to come up with something to ease her mind. A hand rubbed gently along her back as he began, “We’re in this together. We’ll be learning all this together. We’ll watch out for each other and the baby, so with a double set of eyes, surely everything will be alright. And if it would make you feel better…” He sighed, not the most enthusiastic about the option he was about to give. “I, um, I suppose I could fly over my mother to help us, if you wish?” Mentioning her a moment ago had helped with thinking up this idea. “Or, if not my mother, I’m sure there is a way to hire a motherly nanny type. This is America after all; we have access to everything,” he added with a quiet laugh, hoping his words had helped.

The End

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