Unexpected // Claire & Mohinder

Simply nodding at his words, Claire went silent, this time out of thoughtfulness rather than panic or being upset. She was lucky to have someone who understood the importance of family; William was all she had. Or at least, all she'd had…until Mohinder. Until now. And her family was about to expand to include one more. It was frightening and beautiful and overwhelming and sweet all at once, and again she felt like it was too much for her skin to hold in. Nuzzling further into Mohinder, Claire grinned.

This…this was going to be her biggest adventure.


The last thing Claire did every night before going to sleep was brush her hair. It’d always had a soothing effect on her, calming nerves that lingered in her hyperactive mind, always analyzing and filing things away. Running the brush through the bright strands and finally setting it down, she sighed and pouted at the small baby bump she’d developed. She’d always been tiny, slender, and this new development to her physique was irksome. She didn’t like it. Wrinkling her nose, she sat down on top of the covers next to Mohinder as he began to talk, her smile growing larger as he continued.

“Do you mean to say breastfeed, chere?” she laughed. Normally small chested, that’d started to change too. “You haven’t seemed to mind the fact that they’re bigger now, even if that’s why.” Claire leaned forward and shook her chest at him suggestively. “Besides, it’s natural, how things are supposed to be. I do not mind,” she said, reaching over to gently take the book from him, close it, and set it on the nightstand. 

Her smile turned warm rather than teasing. “You…are going to be an excellent father. I don’t know why you fret so, honestly. You’ve taken care of Molly before, at least.” Some of her own worry came through in those last few words; Claire had never really been around children. She had no younger siblings. She had no nieces or nephews, somehow. Her lifestyle had never exactly been child-friendly. And now…she was going to have an infant of her very own. It worried her. What if she did something wrong and accidentally killed it? What if it got injured, or she mentally scarred the child for life? She chewed on her lower lip thoughtfully and slipped under the covers, arm across Mohinder’s chest.

The End

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