Unexpected // Claire & Mohinder

Handgun? Mohinder quirked a concerned brow at that and held his breath until noticing the little grin she gave him. There was never a dull moment with her, even when just talking. Secretly, he loved that and softly rubbed a thumb over her bottom lip playfully as he returned the smile. “I see. I’m sure everything will be fine. And yes, it makes me feel more at ease to know you’re always armed… Not to mention, I rather enjoy disarming you at night.” Except for that one night when he almost lost a finger on the knife strapped to her thigh. But if asked, it would have been totally worth it.

So it was true - they’d made a child under the stars. Later, when Mohinder would think on it more, he would come to the conclusion that it was meant to be; there was no reason to be afraid of this rather huge turn of events. The finger along his skin caused him to think back as well. It truly was a beautiful night, but was nothing compared to gazing along her body in the moonlight… And now with the currently added kiss and cuddling, he was blushing yet again. As he held her, his cheek rubbed against her hair before neck turned to kiss the top of her head.

“Oh of course. I think it is a sibling law to embarrass the other in one way or another when meeting new people. Do not worry though, I’ll keep your words in mind and promise to make an excellent first impression. I understand how important family approval can be.” Although that would have normally caused him to think about the past, this time he thought to the future - their future. Something special was being planned, and she would find out soon enough.


As Claire got ready for bed nearby, Mohinder was already in his place, sitting up under the covers, nightlight on and reading a new book they’d gotten on raising a baby. “I must confess, what I learned in biology did not prepare me for all this. There is so much to read. Did you know, the milk has to be a certain temperature? We cannot simply take it out of the fridge and put it in her, or his, bottle. We have to warm it, wear it, taste test it, then finally administer it. And it cannot even be regular milk - we have to buy special formulaor you…” Eyes made a not so subtle beeline to her cleavage. “You have to allow it to… you know…” He bit his lip, a little unsure of all this. What if it hurt her?

The End

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