Unexpected // Claire & Mohinder

The fact that Claire could read him like a book always seemed to vanish into the back of his mind until she did it again, causing him to feel silly that he’d even tried to fool her in the first place. Not that he minded, as he would never truly have anything to hide from her in the first place. In fact, it was nice that someone knew him so intimately that words weren’t needed.

"Yes, that first full story,” he returned her tease and softly rubbed at her stomach. “But yes, I suppose I’ll have to agree with you since you know him better than I do. As long as he does not chase me out the door with a shotgun, I should be alright.” As their foreheads touched, he added to it by giving her an Eskimo kiss, the tip of his nose lightly brushing against hers.

At the names she suggested, he nodded along, not minding. It was understandable that some names would pull up unwanted memories or familiarity and right now, he was far too excited to think of anything decent to add for contrast. For a split second, he thought of adding his sister’s name into the running, but then quickly reconsidered. Not only would he be naming his child after his sister, but a virus as well. Bad memories.

At the French he was so used to hearing, he smiled sweetly, knowing he was caught. His plan of distraction had failed, but he continued to listen to her carefully, making mental notes along the way. “Alright, I will be on my best, most non-curious behavior. You have my word.” His hand went over hers on his chest and rubbed over it gently before lifting it to kiss the tip of each finger. “And I will stand my ground, not allowing him to intimidate me.” Already Mohinder had a plan in mind. Well, it was one he’d had for quite awhile now and was just waiting for the perfect opportunity to enact it. By the time he would meet her brother, there would be nothing to worry about…

After a few play bites along her fingers, he looked up at her, concerned. “Do you… feel tired already? Can you…” His eyes lowered to her stomach. “Can you feel it in there already? How long has it been since…? You know, I bet it was that night we slept under the stars… Actually, we didn’t get much sleeping done, now that I think about it,” he finished with a smirk as his cheeks began to warm at the memories.

The End

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