Unexpected // Claire & Mohinder

Claire had made her living reading people; studying her prey in order to be a more effective hunter. Now that she had no enhanced strength or tolerances with the berserker part of her history, she’d come to rely on that talent more than ever. Better observation lead to better results and less time actually fighting. That said, she didn’t need Mohinder to tell her he was excited about the idea of her quitting that job. He didn’t even really give himself away so much as she just knew. They’d talked about it in passing before, but never seriously, and the quiet mention of money only cemented her suspicion. She honestly couldn’t blame him. Were their situations reversed, she’d likely feel the same.

But if he didn’t mention it, didn’t want to let that overshadow the news of their child, she wouldn’t point it out. That, and she was quite content in letting him lavish her with kisses. The mention of her brother, however, seemed to cool his jets, not entirely surprising. She talked about William every now and then but hadn’t seen much need in introducing them, and this wasn’t precisely the best way to do it. She could only hope his busy schedule would allow for her to talk with him beforehand.

Kissing Mohinder’s cheek again, she tilted her head. “Full story being what? That you got me pregnant?” sh teased, “or that you’re singlehandedly responsible for restoring what passes for normalcy in my life?” Claire’s smile turned tender and she briefly rested her forehead against his, closing her eyes. “Because I think he might be grateful enough about the latter to forgive the former. We’re…not horribly traditional, despite appearances and history.”

She flashed him a sheepish look before her attention was caught by the song. It was almost too appropriate, and she smiled at his humming and playful kisses. Oh, he was good at that, no doubt. It was likely the reason they were in their current predicament. "In that case, there are certainly a few names that are out of the running. Marie…especially Marie. Jonathan, William…speaking of William…“ Gently putting a finger to his lips and pulling away, she smirked.

"I know what you’re up to, mon chere,” she said, expression knowing. “But I promise you, it won’t be as horrible as all that. There are….some things you should know, however. Don’t bring up our mother, under any circumstances. Or our childhood, really for that matter.” As she went on, Claire bit her lower lip. “And don’t let him intimidate you, I promise, he’s all bark. Well, mostly bark. If he likes you. Which he will!” One hand went to his chest, which she rubbed encouragingly, nodding.

The End

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