Unexpected // Claire & Mohinder

Mohinder nodded, agreeing with her words as he continued to comfort her, holding her in his arms and softly combing her hair back with his fingers. As he felt her relax against him, it caused his breathing to slow down as well. They had plenty of time to figure this all out and there was no reason to worry. Not to mention stress was bad for the baby.

Just as he was about to begin the pampering by lifting her up into his arms, she admitted something very unexpected - she would be fine with quitting? No more constantly worrying about her when she went out on jobs? Mentally, he was beaming but couldn’t show it, not wanting her to feel guilty or pressured into quitting; Mohinder wanted her to do what she wanted to do. “Yes, please, do not worry about money,” he added in quietly. His job paid more than enough to support them both, if it came down to it.

While she admitted she was totally new to this whole child thing as well, Mohinder returned the kiss to her cheek and peppered in a few along her neck, fully wrapped up in the moment - this perfect moment…

I suppose this means you’ll have to meet my brother, now…

Lips paused on her skin as the full meaning of those words hit him like a Mack truck. No matter how nice of a guy William might have been, Mohinder would guess that he wouldn’t be the happiest about this situation - his sister unwed and pregnant by a man that he’d never even met before. Oh gods, this was the stuff American reality TV was made of. And with all the weaponry Claire had, he could only imagine what William was packing. “Of course, dear,” he managed to finally force out in a natural tone. “But let’s not tell him the whole story quite yet, alright?”

With that said, Mohinder attempted to change the conversation as fast as possible, hoping she wouldn’t catch it. One hand went for the nearby stereo remote, while the other rubbed at her back, pulling her against him as the lips at her neck continued to kiss while adding in sucking and playful nipping. The song on the radio was Endless Love, which he began to hum along with against her skin. Yes, a distraction indeed. But words were needed to keep her mind thinking as well. “We should be thinking up names, I suppose.”

The End

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