Unexpected // Claire & Mohinder

At Mohinder’s tender touch, Claire reflexively took a deep breath and closed her eyes again. Breathe in, breathe out. In. Out. A few repititions of that, combined with her love’s embrace and his insistent but kind sushing saw Claire to a less frantic state of mind. She let out a quiet sigh as she opened her eyes to look up at Mohinder, listening attentively to his reassuring words. If there was anyone whose opinion she trusted in the realm of supers, it was Mohinder’s. The man had never been anything but honest with her, and his research combined with his father’s had to be the closest to exhaustive of any source around.

And prenatal tests…how could she have forgotten about those? Of course the doctors would run those at various stages throughout the…pregnancy (a state which still felt odd to think about in regards to herself), but Mohinder could do them as well. He knew what to look for at the very least, having done it countless times before. “I suppose knowing early on, even if….well, it’s better than not knowing at all,” she admitted timorously, briefly laying her head on Mohinder’s shoulder. His words washed over her, and though she paid attention to them, it was his tone and familiar touch that convinced her there could be a happy ending to all of this. Taking several more deep breaths, she  could feel her pulse slow and mind clear. While her fears were founded, there was no need to work herself up about them. Not when she had him by her side.

“I suppose I could let you pamper me,” she murmured into his shirt before bringing  her face back up to his, hints of worry behind her eyes though it was no longer the prevalent emotion on her face. “I don’t….I’m uncertain about what I wish to do about my profession, but there’s time. And there’s certainly money. I’ve invested most of it and honestly would be fine without returning to the field.” She was thinking aloud more than actually talking with Mohinder so she didn’t initially hear his sheepish sentence until a few moments later. Grinning conspiratorially, she nuzzled his head over a bit and kissed him on the cheek.

“I have not either, mon chere. I have only even held an infant once. We…didn’t spend time with family and there isn’t much room for children in my life. Well, wasn’t, I suppose,” she corrected, chuckling. Oh, this was the very beginning of a very large change.. But she stopped that train of thought, reminded of something else entirely as she thought about her childhood.

“I suppose this means you’ll have to meet my brother, now…” Her expression was neutral as she had no real worries about the two of them getting together, but she had no such sureties about William’s reaction to her being with child. It might be wise to tell him first before he met the man who would be the father.

The End

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