Unexpected // Claire & Mohinder

As his thumb smoothed out the wetness from under her eyes, Mohinder couldn’t help but feel that this peaceful silence was just the calm before the storm. This was a huge step for both of them and although he hadn’t had any trouble taking care of Molly in the past, that was quite different than taking care of a human life from scratch.

When she finally spoke, that confirmed it and caused Mohinder to gently shake his head. Holding back his own worries, he attempted to tackle hers as calmly as possible. One arm still around her and the other lifting to comb her hair back with his fingers in a soothing manner, he softly shushed her as she finished speaking. "From my research, I have never seen a child inherit the exact same ability of either parent. Usually it is a complimentary or themed power. Even so, there are tests I can do before she or he is born to calm your worries. Worst case scenario, I have to administer the cure in the delivery room unnoticed.” Delivery room? Now that Mohinder had thought of it, he’d never witnessed a live birth before. Surely it couldn’t be any worse than what his serum produced when it failed at Pinehearst.

As for what she did, well, that was a harder subject for him to put into words and sugarcoat, but he would give it his best shot. “No, no. You kill those that… deserve it. You are making the streets safer for everyone… For the greater good.” Mohinder knew best that everything was not in black and white. “And while I agree that you should take it easy while you’re pregnant - in fact, I insist you allow me to pamper you for nine months - and then, after the baby is born, you are free to take whichever path you wish.” Did he want her going out and risking her life? No, but he wasn’t about to command her to cease something that she had enjoyed. As long as he had Claire Bennet’s blood, he could bring her back to life anyway, although he did miss her when she was away and the worry was always in the back of his mind.

Mohinder bit his lip, trying to process all this and be supportive at the same time. “If you do decide to return to your profession, I will cover for you, if you like. Our child won’t have to know the truth until they’re old enough to fully understand. Whatever you decide, I will support you, alright?” Touching his nose to the side of her head, he breathed in her scent and sighed, trying to capture another peaceful moment. Yes, they had a lot to talk about, but this was definitely a positive, life-changing event. “I have something to admit… I’m afraid I’ve never changed a diaper before.” And that was his attempt to add irony into the conversation, hoping to pull at least a smile from her and lighten her mood.

The End

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