Unexpected // Claire & Mohinder

As realization dawned on Mohinder, Claire let those tears fall as she laughed at his reaction, swept  up in his embrace. She had almost slipped up when he pulled out the reading glasses, but thankfully he was hugging her the next second and she could smile right along with him, swept up in his obvious joy. Returning his kisses, for a moment, Claire allowed herself to actually feel that joy too. They’d never really talked about having children, but it had been easy to picture him as a father. He was sweet, caring, protective, and made her feel like the most precious human being on the face of the planet. She could only imagine how he would be with his own child.

“I love you too,” she said, smile dimming as she pulled away just enough to breathe, her forehead against his. Claire closed her eyes and let out a slow breath. She stayed like that for a few long moments, simply cherishing the feeling of peace he always brought to her. He was her safe place; if there was anyone she could share her gnawing, heavy concerns with, it was the man in front of her.

“But chere….I’m terrified…” Claire finally admitted it, her voice catching as she raised a hand to cover her mouth, silent tears no longer joyful. “What if they end up like me and we don’t find out until it’s too late? I know you could cure them since you have the serum now, but what if they kill someone? And I kill people for money,” she whispered, unable to stop the flood of concerns from pouring forth now that she’d opened the floodgates. “Is that really something a mother should do? And what am I going to do now? I can’t go on hunting down targets while I’m pregnant…that’s reckless, and it  makes me vulnerable…." 

Vulnerable was not something Claire was used to being, and that might have terrified her more than the idea that their child would end up a berserker too. She could be herself with Mohinder, she could be vulnerable with him, but the rest of the world? Never.

The End

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