Unexpected // Claire & Mohinder

For lunch, Mohinder wanted to surprise her with a curry and had just finished preparing her bowl when he heard footsteps nearing the doorway. High heels to be exact. Perfect timing! Her tray was set in front of her favorite recliner and his in front of his as well. When she didn’t return his smile though, he quickly moved over to the couch next to her.

At her words, his grin faded and lips pursed as he expected the worst. But really, the worst would have been that the tests had revealed what she was and the government had been called in. Evidently that didn’t happen though, as she was right here beside him, unharmed and free as before. For a moment, he hesitated taking the paper. What if his cure had went wrong? What if she were now going to turn into a spider/lizard person. Well, then he’d just have to cure her again and love every scaly inch of her until then.

Mohinder couldn’t help but notice that her eyes had reddened as though she was about to let loose with the waterworks. This must have been worse than she was letting on. Whatever it was, he mentally vowed to fix it or die trying. With held breath, Mohinder silently read over the document, pausing once he got to a particular section. Eyes darted to hers then back to the paper before re-reading it again. After blinking a few times, he reached over to put on his reading glasses and raised the document up to his face even closer. “I must admit, it has been quite awhile since I’ve opened a college textbook, but if I’m remembering correctly, this means…”

Now it was time for his eyes to water as he set the paper aside to give Claire the widest grin and wrap arms around her. “This means, I’m going to be a father,” he whispered before firmly pressing his lips to hers. For a split second, he’d forgotten about his strength and might have squeezed her a little too tightly in the hug. “Oh gods, I love you. I love you more than one can express with words alone. We’re going to have a mini me or mini you.” Then there were more kisses, this time peppered along her cheek and ear. He wasn’t even going to question it, not caring that it was an accident. It was meant to be. They were meant to be.

The End

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