Unexpected // Claire & Mohinder

A continuation of "It's in the Blood," showing the progression of Claire & Mohinder's relationship and their new life together.

“Thank you, doctor.” Moving off the chair with a crinkle of the paper sheet, she nodded at the man and shook his extended hand.

“Not a problem, Miss Wandesford. The copy of your blood work results will be at the desk with my receptionist. Have a great day.” He opened the door with a smile and chivalrously held it open for her. She couldn’t bring herself to smile back, but she thanked him and made her way through the sterile hallways to the waiting room where the receptionist had a small packet waiting for her. She took it and paid the bill without comment, leaving the office and getting in her car in the same stunned silence.

The drive back to the apartment she and Mohinder shared was automatic and quiet; her thoughts were scattered and she didn’t even think to turn on the radio. A thousand questions chased each other around her mind, none of which had any answer. She shook her head and tried to focus instead on how happy she was to be with Mohinder instead. There was no denying how wonderful he was, as a person and to her, and living with him had been perfectly blissful. He was attentive, thoughtful, and incredibly sweet, not to mention surprisingly capable in the bedroom; she’d pegged him for shy and recalcitrant, and he’d proven her wrong after they’d gotten used to one another. The doctor was even clean and she didn’t have to cajole him to do simple chores. Claire couldn’t have asked for more, including the debt she’d never be able to repay: he’d cured her.

The fact that she could go in public and not have to worry about slipping up was beyond words. It changed her life, and so did he, by entering it.

Parking down the street and making her way up the stairs to their home, Claire took a deep breath. Everything is going to be all right, she told herself, closing her eyes briefly before going inside. Mohinder was in the living room fiddling with what appeared to be lunch and he looked up with a grin which she couldn’t return. She knew he could tell something was amiss, and, gesturing for him to join her on the couch, she sat down with a heavy sigh.

“I just went to the doctor,” she admitted without preamble,looking him in the eyes only for a moment. “Something is wrong, but…I don’t know what. I didn’t want to alarm you so I had them do a blood test." Claire didn’t need to act stunned as she handed him the paperwork. "I got a copy for you to look over, to…try and figure out what’s…what’s wrong.” She bit her lip and looked back up at him again, tears actually starting to form. It was the hardest thing not to smile and give everything away. Regardless of her own feelings, she knew he was going to be excited and she couldn’t wait to see his reaction.

The End

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