Zack and Jen were happy living in their beautiful home in California until they were forced to move. Their mom stayed in California for work while their dad took them to a rainy place in Cleveland. Life is boring for them... until they meet an unusual family that drinks human blood.


I stared into his blazing scarlet eyes, my body frozen. I was paralyzed, helpless. He was going to kill me, and I would do nothing about it. I could do nothing about it. Kismet was lying limp on the floor next to me, unmoving. I knew he wouldn't regain consciousness until I was dead. My sister was probably dead too. He must have killed her by now. But for some reason, the thought of her being dead and my own death being imminent was somehwat comforting.

It meant that he would no longer be able to torture either of us, nor could he hurt either of us. Not if we were dead. Those scarlet eyes were unmoving, completely focused on me, ready to move in for the kill when the occasion called for it. The vampire grinned, his smile frightening. His messy black hair was windblown from him chasing me all day, but I knew it was all over. Nothing mattered anymore. Nothing mattered.

But I couldn't help but to think that this wasn't a bad thing-- me dying. Why should I live while I've only caused everyone pain and suffering? I've caused people to die, and it was good that I was getting my karma. The vampire stood over me, his teeth hovering inches above my neck as had happened countless times before.

This time, nothing could stop him.

This time would be the last...

The End

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