"Hey, you awake or am I just talking to myself again?" He said in an agitated voice.

"I need... I NEED TO EAT!" She blurted out in a childish way.

"Hey, now, calm down love, what do you prefer?" Daniel asked calmly

What? Love? What right does he have calling me love?

"I don't know. Pie, maybe... I want pie, or maybe apples! Do you have apples, Shou-Chan?"

What?! Daniel Sheltou? Wait, how did I know in the first place? Am I dating him now? Maybe I should ask him. Unless he's trying to make me think I'm dating him. I don't know! I'm so confused, and STARVING! I need something to eat NOW! Okay, I gotta get up, and find his kitchen, yea, that's what I'll do. Get things for myself!

"HOLY MOTHER OF TACOS THAT HURT SO MUCH!" She cried as tears ran down her face.

"Hold it there, dove, you're hurt a bit..." Daniel said softly, while brushing her hair out of her face and kissing her cheek.

"Yes, I already know that, but why?" She wondered out loud.

Daniel drew out a long, frustrated sigh. "I tried to tell you something important. But I guess I told you a bit too bluntly. And you... fainted. You fainted and quite possibly received a minor concussion. I'm sorry, I was -- I was too caught up on trying to tell you that I... Never mind little dove." Daniel seemed on edge and a little upset at himself.

I waited for Daniel to come back with something to eat in his very comfy bed.

Oh, I'm wearing his pajamas? I thought to myself. I quietly laughed to myself, so Daniel couldn't hear. They're WAY too big for me... He smells amazing, though. Wait... How did he get these on me though.... THAT PERVERT!

"Here, I made you some Kraft Dinner, which is really the only thing I'm able to make... But it's good enough, right, little dove?" He looked innocent and slightly worried.

"What? Oh, right, sure, that's fine, as long as you have ketchup somewhere in your house." I said groggily.

"What? Why would -- KECHUP?? REALLY?" He drew out yet another long, frustrated sigh.

"Fine, I'll get you ketchup... BE RIGHT BACK." He slammed the door and stomped to an unknown place where I really hoped there was ketchup.

"Jeez, what's with him? I only asked for ketchup... Maybe I was supposed to remember what he told me. But I can't! I guess I'll just ask him when he gets back. Ahh, but he's so intimidating, I can't even bring myself to LOOK at him straight in his eyes..." She said to herself.

The End

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