Alone At LastMature

Daniel sighed with frustration and answered Anna’s question with impatience. “Yes’m, I'll take her to my house. It's WAY closer than Andrew's stupid course any way..." Daniel glared at Andrew from above his classy thick metal glasses' frame as he muttered his friend's name.


"Hey, man, it's not MY fault I have to go to it. My mom signed me up WITH OUT ASKING" Andrew tried desperately not to blush, but his papery-white skin was able to give away everything he thought.


"Yea, whatever, I also guess it's not YOUR fault that you're so BAD at trombone and that you have to ask her EVERYTHING too?" Daniel started strutting towards his friend and having much difficulty with her on his back.


"Hey, a guy can try, right?" Andrew has a casual, "hey-don't-look-at-me-like-that" stance, but his cheeks said what he was REALLY on his mind.


When she woke up, he was singing to a familiar song.

Bryan Adams, She thought. I know it's by Bryan Adams.... Ah, Diana! Wait, where am I? She took a quick sniff from the unfamiliar environment.

This isn't my house... And it's not Harv's either. This is someone I don't know...


"Hey, you woke up. FINALLY! Umm, D'you even knows who I am?" Whoever he was, he sounded curious, hopeful even.


He might have a lot to tell, but I know he ain't right for you!

Cuz I watched you smile and shakin’ hands while you're doin’ your social thing,

But you wouldn't have to do that if you went and lived with me.

Diana, why don't you leave it all behind?

Diana, she's the queen of all my dreams.

Diana, gimmie a chance and I'll set you free!


"Ohh, that's embarrassing, you heard me sing. Everyone knows I'm an amazing sax player, but no one knows I sing... So, d'you knows who I am yet?" She recognized his voice, but still couldn't focus on his face.

Glasses, that's all she remembered, he had glasses.... Compared to you? Who were you comparing yourself to?

The End

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