The UnexpectedMature

Almost everyone knew he had a thing for Shordanna. At least, that's what they thought.

"Okay, so, MAYBE I temporarily startled her by telling her I'm better than you, but otherwise, nothing." Daniel said with a mix of sarcasm and mock to the flustered Andrew.

Daniel had three advantages whenever he had a fistfight with Andrew: a) He is MUCH taller than Andrew, b) he is more confident than Andrew and c) he knows some wicked street fighting.

"Dude, if you seriously don't stay away from her I s-swear I-I'll--" Andrew threatened shakily with fists by his face, getting ready to fight.

"C'mon, you know you can't win. ESPECIALLY against me, the only thing you'll prove is what I told you while I was going down the stairs with my soon-to-be girlfriend." Daniel spat out coolly.

"What, your -- GAH" Andrew charged right toward the uncompromising tower of muscle.

"I keep telling you EVERY SINGLE TIME THAT YOU CAN'T WIN AGAINST ME." Daniel warned. But Andrew kept charging towards his musical acquaintance (which means that he HAS to get along with Daniel within the walls of the music room, whether he wants to or not. But this time he couldn't help himself).

"Dude, I'm NOT going to fight you, she's right behind me, and you can have her IF YOU WANT! JUST DON'T OUT DO YOURSELF THIS TIME!" Daniel started blocking all of Andrew's flailing fists with sharp precision. In less than five minutes Andrew started slowing down with his punches, but he also started to hyperventilate.

"Come here, dude. Tell me, what is making you so made that you would ACTUALLY want to hurt me?" Daniel said in a seemingly honey-drenched voice that made Andrew literally collapse.

The End

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