Daniel seemed to dominate over Shordanna’s average stature. He was holding her by her wrists against the unwelcoming instrument chambers.

What the heck is he doing? I knew he was different, but not mental! I must do something before he tries to hurt me!

"Why do you tempt me so much?" He said in a low, seductive whisper.

"You act as if you can't see, hear, or even FEEL me stare at you! All you pay attention to is that Andrew, What good is he to you compared to me? What -- What MUSICAL TALENT DOES HE HAVE COMPARED TO ME??!" He wasn't yelling, but compared to the speech volume she was used to, and the fact that Daniel was less than six inches away from her face, she was very startled.

She wanted to tell him that she had to go (even though she didn't really want to), she wanted to tell him that she did feel him stare, that she didn't feel good enough for him. But the only thing she could do was....

"OH NO!" Daniel yelled, and started to carry her on his back (like she was getting a piggy back) down the rather steep stairs.

"Daniel Sheltou, What the HELL did you do to my number one trombone player?!" Miss Sheltou ordered.

"I -- I didn't -- She just -- I DID NOTHING!" Daniel stuttered while he still had his 'love' on his back, unconscious.

“Daniel, don't lie. It was only you and her up there. There HAS to be SOMETHING you did to make her faint." Andrew said bitterly. Everyone in the class knew Andrew had something for her, everyone except for herself and the teacher.

"Well, we can't just leave her here." Miss Sheltou spat to the quivering Daniel.

The End

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