Okay, I know I said I would tell you all about my history and things. Well... if you have seen 'Alice in Wonderland' then you can guess. If not here you go a chapter just for you.

I fell down a rabbit hole when I was six and I bashed my head. Really really hard. I went through some really tough times while in Underworld. I met everyone and had a lot of fun but the problem is I have never been able to properly leave this place. I have always had a piece of my mind here. Underworld. Also the other problem is I can't remember who I am after falling down that stupid rabbit hole. In Underworld I am known as Alyce. No one knows why.

This place, as you might have guessed now, is called Underworld (always with a capital otherwise it is somewhere else.) It is the opposite of Wonderland. Or is known as the opposite as wonderland because it is dark and dreary and nothing intresting ever happens. EVER! The people here are also boring and dreary.

So a run down of the history. I don't know who I am but in Underworld I am called Alyce. This is down the same rabbit hole as Wonderland but you go down a different path. I can't properly leave. Nothing ever happens. Apart from when this story takes place but that time doesn't count we were just trying to figure out who I am. Also what I am doing here.

Yours gratefully...

The End

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