Undersea Waltz

A post-human Earth where humans have moved on to interstellar colonisation and exploration to other planets-no aliens however, leaving the Earth on the hands of sentient intelligent, self- reproducing /managing robots to restore Earth's ecological balance. Robots colonises the Earth. Humans are not the main focus of the book. The humans have resorted to become cyborgs to enhance their abilities. It's a satire on various aspects of life-self exploration, etc. - and human behaviour. There are two

A colossal machine stirred in deadpan silence. My limbs weightless, I glide effortlessly across the barren sea floor, my gaze transfixed upon the garden of coloured lights above. Moonlight flickers on the ocean's surface, like heavenly stars across the universe, disintegrating into the void. Curtains of light dances in the dark waters, seemingly unabashed by the gentle movement of the tides. The rythmic and endless waltz of the currents assured me of the fleeting and transitory nature of time, but accompanying it was an overwhelming grief of my own insignificance against life, the universe, and everything. I buried my face in my hands and wept.

The End

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