A wave of confused voices rippled across the crowd.

"So to leave ourselves defenceless and what, sit like ducks?" a man yelled.

Neptos stared down at them with piercing eyes and slowly he spoke, "No, we are going to surprise them, we have the sky as our ally now. The whirl is cleared for the water horses to hide till the right moment of attack. Now quickly!

The crowd begun to move, people moving to the right to the left. Tybor grabbed his brother in the pushing and pulling crowd.

"Rygen come!" Tybor growled while dragging his brother.

The ocean stood still in its silent gloomy mood, the reef darkened with shadows creeping like snakes.

"Tybor, what are we doing?"

"Rygen, you listen to me now. I promised Mother and Father -"

"No, wait, you are not gong alone Tybor! You promised me"

"I promised you that you can help bring back our Clan, you are far to young to fight a war that you did not create in the first place"

"Tybor you never created this war either!"

"Yes but our parents were part of it and as their first born, I am going to end it"

Tybor took Rygen to a strange part th Reef, it opened wide in the shape of a U. It was covered with green and slimy plants that hide the bottom of the U.

"Go in there till I come and get you Rygen, the first attack is coming. I must go now, stay here little brother and do not come out until I come back no matter what!"

"Tybor wait, and if you don't come back --"

Tybor was already gone, leaving Rygen sitting in the sandy bottom by himself. He whimpered, great his parents left him and now, his brother. He signed and walked into the reef. The seagrass pulled and grabbed on to him.

In the reef was dark and warm, he sat against the war in silence. He felt small pearl like sadness rolling down his cheek, he was alone now in a silent, dark, creepy cave without anyone. Suddenly, a small stone tickled its way to his feet.

"Who.. who is there?"

Silence, Rygen worked up the nerve and stood up. He tip toed toward the source of the stone. A small figure stood there, in the dim light he could see long tanned hair and a ragged dress.

He saw a girl no bigger then the age of 6 or 7. She was shaking with marble eyes. He made the best effort to shake clear of his own eyes.

"Can I stay too" she whispered

"Sure, come in, its warmer in here" Rygen said trying his best to immitate Tybor.

The little girl followed him into the cave, they sat there in silence looking above them as nightfall blanketed the underwater world.

The End

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