Undersea Adventures

The water is too heavy, Tybor.”

“We’ll make it.  Just hang on and don’t lean to the right.”

“Do you think we’ll get to the commucae on time?”

“If we don’t hit the bubble traffic above the reef, we should.”

“I hope so.  I want to hear Neptos speak.”

“Do you think he will say anything about the Phytoplank invasion?”

“He has to.  Our whole colony is being threatened.  If Neptos doesn’t send out the water horses and subbubs, we won’t survive.  Besides, our marinockers have been waiting for this for a year now.”

“I’m scared Tybor.”

“Don’t worry little brother.  We will be fine.”


The dusted orange coral melted into the purple sponges like the slow river entering the sea..  As Tybor and Lusk arrived at the commucae, seapeople drifted about on the various underwaterways.  Two shellbacked humans dropped down fifty feet on a heavy watervator while several childrurchins slid down the slippery water into a warmpool under the reef lip.  Subbubs were scattered all along the sandy bottom and the line to get good spots was causing some seapeople to burst their transports and use the waterways into the meeting.  This caused quite a rush of oxygen and anyone floating on the surface would have wondered at the gas-laden dietary habits of the whale population below.


As the congregation coalesced, the great Neptos arrived on his silver waterhorse and floated above the crowd.  Using a large conch shell as a megaphone, he began his address. 

“I order all marinockers to bring their waterhorses to the whirl on the south end of the reef.”  A collective gasp arose from the commucae as everyone realized they were not going to fight.  Ten tides ago, Neptos had created the whirl as a holding ground for criminals.  Today it was filled with kelpkatchers, reefrobbers, and subbubstealers.  Asking the marinockers to send the waterhorses to the whirl would leave their community with no defense. 


The End

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