Underneath The Stars

This is a story about a young girl, her life and the pathetic situations she had to deal with. I'm a new writer. I hope u will help me to improve. Though this is a solo story, feel free to give me advices and ideas. =)

The beginning: 

Two friends were standing before a wall in the hall room of St. Christine High, a girl and a boy, two besties. 
The wall was filled with colorful handprints of students.

“Mine looks better Aly!”
“Are you blind? Mine is the best, even an idiot can see that!!” Alia turned her tongue out to Rehan.
Rehan raised his eyebrows “no no! Showing your tongue doesn’t make yours better anyway. Does it?”
“No, it’s because my hand is lovelier than yours duh!”, Alia grinned wisely.
“Doesn’t matter, I’m a boy you dumbo…” he laughed out loud. 

“What’s going on here Alia? Aren’t you leaving yet?” A voice came from behind.
They turned back; it was their English teacher Nisha ma’m with her ever-charming smile.
“We are just...figh...err…discussing about whose handprint is better…” Alia stammered a bit.
“You should not. By the way, where is yours?”
“Here, the green one…” Alia turned back to the wall enthusiastically.
“Here are three green handprints girl”, Nisha Agarwal gave a sweet smile again.
“I don’t know…I…I don’t remember which one is mine. They are so congested, I mean…” She again stammered and she looked puzzled this time.
“Look Alia, Don’t ever fight on such things. You are growing up and Rehan, you too. You know what, this wall is the symbol of your unity and friendship. There is no place for individuals. Okay? Go home now.” The teacher was about to go.
“Yes ma’m. We will remember that.” Rehan and Alia told in chorus.
“Good for you.” The teacher went away.
They took a sigh of relief.
“Can you spot out mine?” Alia asked.
“Actually I can’t even find out mine. Ha ha haa…”
“You know what Rehan, ma’m was right. It’s the symbol of our integrity. And also the record of our fun days spent here. I will miss them. And you too…”, A shadow fell on Alia’s face.
Rehan was chocked, “hey, don’t be so serious buddy! We will always be together and have fun. This school ain’t the end. Though I’ll miss those days too. C’mon now, we’re getting late.”
“Yeah, let’s go. And you will drop me at home Mr. Smarty Pie!” She smiled naughtily.
“Ok ma’m”

They passed the empty hallway together. It was their last day in school. It was their farewell.


The End

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