Underneath The Clouds

A girl called Carmen is getting haunted by her friend Melody , As she got hit by a drunk driver in a hit & run which she went in a comma and died few hours later. When they do find him....they will make sure he gets what he deserves

Wednesday 23rd July 2010

This is the day I lost my life, to a man who doesn't even care, Hit and Run it was, which means he accidently hit me, then just panicked and just drove off.

I was walking home with Carmen yesterday, we was talking about the guy in the higher year than us, he's called Ethan. He's very good looking but of course I'm not as pretty as Carmen is, she goes out with him. Ethan and Carmen make a cute couple it's just I like him too and never got round to telling Carmen, now I will never get the chance or will I.

"Carmen!", "What!!" "Wait up, need to talk to you". I wanted to tell her that I like Ethan too and that she's wasting her time, shes only going out with him because she's trying to make me jealous, but shes doing it for my own good. Apparently. "Melody, you've been acting strange lately. What's wrong??" "You know Ethan....Well I...Arm.." "You...What?" BANG!!! without noticing I'm half on the road and half on the curb, A car just hit me. I was laid on the floor like I'm an angel just fallen out of the sky and onto the middle of the road. The driver just got out of his car and looked guilty, then got back in his car and drove away. Carmen was crying and worrying, she looked guilty as well, like she did it. Few minutes later an ambulance arrived, Carmen looked relieved. "Is she going to be yuck?" "It looks like she might be in a coma for a few months." Carmen looked more relieved than before. I feel different, no pain what so ever.

The machine is making a weird noise, oh no, my heart has stopped, I've stopped breathing. I'm dying, I don't want to die at 13 there was so much I wanted to do, so much I wanted to see, I'll never get to tell Carmen about how much I like Ethan, I was going to tell her but of course I was too worried to. "Oh Carmen make the doctors help me, I don't want to die" "Melody??" Can she see me? "Melody, your body is lying there, but your like floating in the air. How are you doing that?" "What do you mean?" Oh My God she's right, I am floating in mid-air, am a ghost.

Carmen looks confused, shes just standing there looking at me, then looking at my body. "Carmen don't look at me, they might think your a lunatic. Just looking into thin air, talking." "Ooh sorry." "CARMEN!!!" She just looks down where the nurse is looking at her, she asks her if shes Okay. Carmen just looks up then back at the nurse and says "I'm perfectly fine." Carmen just walks away, then she starts to cry in front of my mum,dad and my little sister Kara. My mum just looks at Carmen, "Is she okay?" Carmen just looks up and says go see for yourself, but I'm going to warn you, your going to be heartbroken. Then she walks off, and I follow her saying it will be alright, I'm still here just in ghost form.

How can that guy get out of his car, look at my body, then just drive away. That is just disrespectful, I hope he gets found and sent to jail or get sentenced or something for manslaughter to a  Thirteen year old girl." Carmen, you know earlier when I was about to tell you something. I was going to say you know Ethan, well I like him too. But I didn't want to tell you just in case you said well I don't care you know why I'm going out with him Melody. Then her face just went from being upset to angry," He doesn't love you Mels, he never will because he loves me, if he didn't he wouldn't be going out with me now would he? No didn't think so!!" "Carmen Stewart, you are the meanest girl I've ever known, you don't say that to your best friend, and I'd be careful because I'm a ghost now so I will not leave you alone. I'll be there when your with Ethan, kissing him , hugging him! get use to seeing me like this because I'll be there, every waking minute.

"That's like haunting me though, I'm not the one who hit you with the car." "I don't care I'm going to do it, you have hurt my feelings Carmen, you might as well be the one who hit me with the car, because it feels like you've got hold of my heart and ran it over." She looked upset by this point, but I don't care shes treating me like the guy I've liked for the past 5 years, is not going to care that I'm dead, well what if he does like me back, she never is going to know is she. He's not going to turn around to her and say I'm in love with your best friend. The next day she went to school, he walked over to her, and of course I was there watching him cuddle her and he said I need to tell you something. Then I was like Ooh this is going to be good if he says he doesn't love her. "What is it Ethan?" "You know Melody?" Ooooh it's about me."I love her, always have always will. do you know where she is?" Carmen went red and just shouted "SHE'S DEAD, I was a witness to her death, she got hit by a car then she went into a comma but died few hours later. So your love of your life ain't alive no more! So you've lost your chance buddy!" Ethan looked really upset, I wish I was alive, I want to say that I loved him too. "Carmen tell him what I thought about him, please and then I will leave you alone for good." Ethan turned around and said did she feel the same way. "Ethan, I did and still do, Gwen Carmen tell him." "Yeah she did, and she still does." Why is she saying still does, well its true but shes saying it as if I'm not dead. "What do you mean still??" "Oh shes a ghost, shes stood right next to me" "no she ain't, is she?" Yes I am Ethan, jump in front of a car and get yourself killed and you'll know how it bloody feels to get murdered for nothing , know how it feels to loose everything. "you whiney know what she's saying?" "Yes" Tell him I lost everything and I lost the chance to tell him I loved him. "She said she lost everything, she even lost the chance to tell you how much she loved you, Ethan I think you went out with the wrong girl." Ethan looked really upset and guilty, like it was his fault I was dead or his fault that he didn't get a chance to tell me how he really feels about me when he had a chance. "Well looks like I have lost more than a friend, I've lost someone who truly liked me for me, not just for my looks."

Carmen was at her house, in her bedroom crying about Ethan. Then I appeared in her room, "Go away Melody, I don't want to speak to any one. Not in a good mood, I haven't spoke to my mum yet, you being dead is kind making me depressed at the moment." I knew how she was feeling, Upset and distraught. I feel like that too, well I'm dead how do you expect me to feel? "Carmen I'm sorry, I didn't make him love me, if I could I'd change everything. Oh wait, I know what to do." I went to his house, and wrote a note saying "I love you, but so does Carmen at least talk to her, shes distraught" then I signed it Melody x. I watched him as he read it, then he texted Carmen saying Hey its Ethan I'm sorry about before, but its a shock when you find out someone you loved has passed away, Sorry for your loss I knew she was your best friend.

I went back to Carmen's. I told her what I did and she thanked me, and said I'm sorry for not being such a good friends but I didn't want you to be hurt just in case you asked him out and he said no, only trying to look out for you Mels. She called me Mels, that has made me so much better now I know she called me that, I love to be called Mels instead of Melody. My mum called me her little princess Melody. I hate been called little princess, I'm thirteen not three. Carmen went round to mine, my mum gave her a box of my stuff that I shared with her, Carmen asked to go to my room. My mum gave her permission, so she went to my room, and I said I remember that. It was a picture of the two of us when we were like seven, it was my seventh birthday.

She started to cry, everything was such a special memory, not surprised I'd be the same way if that happened to her."Mels, I want to find that guy who did this, I want him found and sent to jail!" "Carmen calm down, tell my mum that see what she says, maybe she wants the same thing." So she ran down stairs "Louisa don't you think it would be a good idea to tell the police that you daughter got hit by a hit and run drunk driver?" "Carmen, You smart girl. Can you go tell that to my husband 'cause he's not going to listen to me." Carmen went into the room where my dad was on the sofa watching Deal or No Deal. "Erm Mr Night don't you think it would be an good idea to tell the police that your daughter has been killed by a hit and run drunk driver?" "NO. Bad idea because they will need witnesses and other stupid stuff. We don't need this right now." "But Mr Night this is important, your daughter got killed by a man who got out of the car and just looked at her then just drove away. If you don't get this sorted out, it must mean you don't care about your own daughter who you will never see again." "How dare you say that, who the hell do you think you are young lady. Coming in here, saying that I don't care about my own daughter well for you information I do, it's just getting the police involved isn't going to get Melody back now is it." "No but it will get the idiot that killed her."

I can't believe she just said to my dad that if he doesn't want to get the police involved to get it sorted it means that he doesn't care about me. "Carmen that was little bit harsh don't you think?" "Not really Mels. I thought that it was quite fair!" I think Carmen doesn't realise how upset she made my dad. "Carmen, I understand why my dad doesn't want to get the police involved, Its not going to bring me back to life Carmen. My dad is just upset from the experience he has just had, he can't help being like this. He has just lost the best thing that has happened to him in his life. His little girl, his little princess. His first born child, he has Kara now. But that is not going to stop him thinking 24/7 about me Carmen, he's distraught. I don't blame him." 

Carmen just looked like she didn't care, I think she would care if she had a kid that she adored and it got taken away from her. Just like I did. "Mels don't you want this guy locked up for what he did to you?" "Of course I do its just... My dad is just upset, he'll pull through but until then you don't say a word about it or me. Or you'll just upset him again and we don't want that, because my mum will have to put up with it and she doesn't want him being that upset, go back to my house and apologise!" So she went back to mine and apologised for her behaviour, then my dad said no it should be me apologising for my behaviour, Carmen you are very lucky that you haven't lost a kid yet, because I'm sure you will feel the same way as I do right now." Then Kara walked in "Mummy, Where's Melody?" "Shes gone to a better place hunny" I'm at the side of Carmen now, I look like I'm about to cry, but I can't help it. My four year old sister is asking where I am now that makes me feel so sad inside, knowing I can't hug her. "Carmen, tell them that I'm with you. Please" "She hasn't gone you know. Shes at the side of me, she wants me to give you all an individual message." "Tell my mum I love her and I miss her dearly, say the same to my dad." "Louisa, she loves you and misses you dearly, same goes to you Mar Night." "Kara, I miss you and I want you to have my room, and I love you, I wish I can give you a hug." "Kara, she misses you, she loves you and wishes she can give you a hug. Oh and she wants you to have her room." Carmen looks happy now shes telling the people I love and care for what I'm saying to them which I can't do. And what I should of done a long time ago.

The End

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