The Note

Follow the adventures of a 'misfit' teenager who leaves his home in search for a place where he fits in. Along the way, however, he might find that home is truly where he belongs.

"Dear mum and dad, 

Goodbye. I'm going to the upperworld. You cannot stop me, because when you read this I'll already be gone. Please take care and stay safe and make sure Ariala doesn't get too upset about me leaving. I'll hopefully return to you all in a year. Maybe I'll be rich, or maybe I'll be a great explorer. Maybe I won't return at all; I'm willing to take that chance. 

I don't fit in here and you know it. I'm sorry, but goodbye. Take care.



Mr. and Mrs. Higginbottiam knew very well that their son, Zerod, did not fit in. He did not like to play sports like the other boys his age; he preferred reading and writing. He was 6'3"; everyone else was under 5 feet tall. He had bleach blonde hair that hung in his left eye and looked like he never brushed it in his lifetime; everyone else had short, well-kept, dark brown hair.

He was truly a misfit. A young, 13 year old misfit. But neither of them ever expected him to run away. Neither of them ever realized that for three years, Zerod had been in misery. Most, neither of them realized that all along, every time they told Zerod stories of the upperworld, he would dream of venturing to that world. He would plan, and he would think, "Maybe I'll fit in there", and now he had ran away to see if the upperworld was truly as amazing as it sounded. 

After reading the note, the Higginbottiams stared at each other in sullen silence. Mrs. Higginbottiam began to weep, hugging her husband so tightly that he had troubles breathing. Ariala, only five years old, saw that her mother was weeping and instantly joined in. That was exactly how all three of the Higginbottiams spent their afternoon, and the night that followed, and every single day after that. 

The End

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