The rain battered down on the only grey rooftop in all of Hapton. Hapton was a cheerful place, with houses painted purple and yellow, green or blue. If you were to come into this little town, you would have found the townsfolk fairly pleasant, with constant smiles on their faces. Nevertheless, if you happened to live in Hapton, you would know what was really behind the joyful mask, the colorful charade. Especially if you lived in the house with the only grey roof.

In this particular house lived a girl and her father. The girl’s name was Vivian. The father’s name was unknown. Vivian didn’t even know. This was one of the reasons there was a grey roof. Grey was the feeling of the house, once you stepped inside. It was dreary, it was empty. It was filled with sorrow.

Vivian knew why this was. Each wall was white, each appliance or piece of furniture bland, when there was any. This was her fathers’ life style. His comfort zone. But he was never comfortable. He never went outside, he never opened any windows. What he ate was whatever Felicity gave him. He had no complaints, but no compliments either.

Vivian’s mother had gone away when she was one. Vivian didn’t know much about her. She knew that her mother did not wish to go away, but she had no choice. She knew the deepest secret of Hapton. The secret why everything was colorful, with the exception of Vivian’s house. She hadn’t passed that knowledge to Vivian, however. Vivian didn’t know what was wrong, but was one of the few who could tell that something was abnormal about Hapton. She just didn’t know what. But today, oh, today, she would find out.

Vivian stood in front door of her house, facing the outside. She saw children playing, adults with happy smiles painted on their faces as they walked by. Suddenly a tremor ran through Vivian. Everything shook before her eyes, and she fell to the ground. She could still see the children playing across the street. Why were they not screaming, not worried at all? She heard a terrible crack, and a thick blackness soon overtook her.

The End

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