Underground Secret

Mary Dale was the average working mother. Two kids, well paid office job and the perfect husband. But there was nothing exciting. Everything had a day to day timetable. There was no time for anything spontanious. But sometimes, the boredom can be too much and rebellion is the only option. But will it cause her more pain then adrenaline?

I wake up. Lying on my back starring at the patterned ceiling above me. My husband snores repetitivly beside me. I count down from ten in my head,

ten... the neighbours gets into his car for work.

nine... his wife calls goodbye from the doorstep.

eight... he starts the car.

seven... she closes the door.

six... he pulls away.

five... the teenager down the road bounce a basketball along the pavement. thud, thud... thud.

four... my daughter turns on her radio.

three... the dog starts to cry in the kitchen.

two... My son bangs on the bathroom door yelling at my daughter to hurry up.

one... the dog beings to bark.

The alarm clock rings in my ear. I hit the top without taking my eyes off the ceiling.

'Morning love.' says my husband.

I smile, sit up and begin to get ready for work. Make up, hair, the beige suit that makes my bum look big but it's so comfy I don't actually care.

While Jess and my husband argue about how her mini skirt, no matter how fashionable, is not suitable for school. I allow my self to drift off with my coffee fumes. I imagine myself in a small modern italian coffee house, my extra stomach has vanished and my breast no longer hang like the baskets on either side of our front door. I could be like Shirley Valentine but hotter and without the wall.

But then reality kicks in. Jess throws her orange juice at the dog and I'm forced to clean it up. Five minutes later, the kids have gone, David is packing his briefcase and I'm walking out the door.

I sit in the passenger seat, awaiting his arrival. David locks the door, gets in and flips on the news. We sit in silence. I kiss him on the cheek get out the car and briskly walk my heels to the train door.

Settling myself down I stare out the window, once again allowing myself to drift off into the world I long to have. Don't get me wrong,  I love my kids, my husband even the dog. But I just want more.

And then the more I asked for arrived, in a designer suit, with dark hair and the sexiest eyes I've ever seen.

The End

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