Underground: Chapter 9: Hatter's Words

Hatter woke up and tried to move his arm to grab his hat and put it back on. But it wouldn’t budge, there was weight on it. He looked over to see the boy lying on his arm, fast asleep. Hatter didn’t want to wake him…it would be awfully rude, but the boy had to be up.
I don’t think I can sugarcoat it any longer…I have to tell him…
“Hatter?” The boy asked, opening up one eye.
“Yes…you fell asleep on me.” He smiled, looking into the boy’s eyes. It reminded him so much of Alice that it almost hurt. He didn’t realize how much he missed her.
“Wake the others…” Hatter said.
Aaron nodded, shaking Jack awake. “What?” He questioned.
“I don’t know…the Hatter asked me to wake everyone up.”
“Can you go make us breakfast please?” Hatter said.
“I suppose.”
“Oh and on your way…go wake up Ash and tell her to come in here. We shall eat here.” Hatter told him.
“Whatever Tarrant…” Jack sighed and walked out, looking much like a zombie.

Aaron finished waking up everyone. Ash came in the room, looking just as groggy as everyone else…except the Mad Hatter. The Mad Hatter was wide eyed and nervous. How could he just tell this scared little boy that he probably would’ve had to battle? Aaron sat down next The Hatter and the Hatter became even more nervous. His hands shaking a bit. He didn’t look at Aaron, not until Jack came back carrying bowls of…odd flakes to them. He called them Frosted Flakes.
Tarrant turned his head to Aaron, who was pretty much stuffing his face and asked what they were.
“They’re sugar-coated corn flakes,” Aaron stated “And corn flakes are grain.”

“Oh…ok…” He nodded, fondling the flakes with his spoon. Finally he took one out with his fingers and tasted it.
“Not bad…” He smiled and began eating it. He ate rather quickly for someone who just learned what Frosted Flakes were. And Aaron realized his hands were shaking a bit.
“Hatter…your hands are shaking.” Aaron pointed out.
“Oh…are they? You know what, I’m a little cold. Don’t take any mind to it.” Hatter lied.
“Ok.” The boy said suspiciously. He finished his frosted flakes though. There was not much talk after that…except when Hatter offered to take the dishes down to the kitchen, beating Cheshire, who loved to explore. Hatter picked up Aaron’s first, while bending down Hatter asked Aaron if he could help him.
“Uh sure…Hatter.” Aaron smiled, picking up the others bowls and spoons. Well except March’s…he wouldn’t give Aaron his spoon.
The Mad Hatter took Malymkun and Abundiantus’s small bowl of even smaller cereal which Jack called coco crispies. Aaron and the Mad Hatter walked out together and didn’t speak until the way back, where Hatter worked up the courage to tell him.

“Hey…” He said blankly.
“Hi.” Aaron said.
“Ok…so I have something to tell you. Um…so you see…well…” He said. Wow this is harder than I expected. It should be easy…but it’s not.
“What?” The boy questioned, looking in Hatter’s eyes, which just made Hatter disappointed; he wanted Aaron to be happy…not worrying about saving all of Wonderland.
“You were never supposed to be here…in Wonderland I mean…” Hatter said. “This was supposed to be Alice’s job. She was supposed to save us for the fourth time. Not you. But now…it’s too late to bring Alice here. We’re on a delicate time schedule…the closet won’t hold the queen forever, you know? We have to do this soon…and we have to win…or Wonderland will be…normal. All lunatics banned…which is just about everyone of us…or…all of us. And none of us can really survive out in the real world. The Hare would be sent to the science lab, as would Mctwisp. I would be left to figure out everyone on my own…who knows what would happen with Malymkun and Abundiantus…probably given to some kids who would get bored with Abundiantus, and scared by Malymkun. The talking flowers would die. The do do bird would stutter more than usual. The little birdies wouldn’t know what to do, they’re made for delivering messages.” The hatter explained his fears quickly. “None of us are sane enough to go up in the real world…and we would never have enough time to get Alice…you may have to battle.” Hatter admitted.
Aaron was immediately struck with fear. He couldn’t win for Wonderland…he had no training. He was only six! I can’t save Wonderland…

“It was supposed to be my mummy here?” The boy asked, upset.
“Yes….it wasn’t that we don’t like you…it’s just that…we never knew you existed.” Hatter told the boy.
The boy hung his head “I bet you would like my mummy here much more than you want me.” The boy said and ran off.
“AARON!” Hatter yelled. The boy ran on though. Hatter chased after him. Through the twists and turns through the castle, Hatter didn’t give up. He needed to make the boy realize that he cared for him, just as much as he cared for his mother.
Aaron finally stopped, but he didn’t look at the Hatter, he looked at the wall right in front of him.
“Aaron!” The Hatter yelled. “Calm down please.”
“You don’t want me here in Wonderland, admit it! You love my mom much more! You’re lying when you said you’d always be there for me! You’re just a lying lunatic!” The boy yelling in the face of the breathless Hatter.

Hatter looked hurt…he wasn’t a lunatic nor a liar. The face on Aaron seemed stronger than the words he just said. He looked upset and mad and didn’t even want to look at Hatter.
“I never lie…” The Hatter stated, bending down to Aaron’s size, putting his hands on his shoulders.

“I care for you just as much as I care for your mother. No joke…I don’t kid about things like that. Never. Aaron…you’re a great kid…and when you step onto that battle field…no doubt I’ll be there standing as close as I can. And if you fall…I’ll break the rules just for you. I’d go onto that battle field and fight alongside with you if I have to. Aaron, I care about you…I cried when you were taken.” Hatter admitted.
“Ok…: The boy told Hatter. “But…what if something happens?”
“Don’t think about it!” Hatter scolded. “Now come on…let’s go to the room.” Hatter smiled.

The End

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