Underground: Chapter 8. Rescuing Aaron...OR Just Helping?

Aaron sat there patiently waiting for his friends to come and rescue him. Or rather, come and help with a plan. He tried to keep himself busy, but it didn’t really work and he ended up bored out of his mind, looking at the Jabberwocky puppet.

Hatter saw a little birdie and chuckled at the thought of the little “birdies” in the real world don’t tell things like the ones in Wonderland.
They were there…after about three hours of traveling…they were in Brimingtown, and although the kingdom was pretty much hidden by hedges, they could see the Wonderland flags waving in the air. At the front of the hedges sat two people. Ash and Jack.

“Come on, we must hurry! I don’t want mum to see you guys. Come on, move along, we’ve got to find a way to get you in Jester’s, Ace’s, and my room!” Jack called as he started running toward the door.
“Should we follow?” Malymkun asked from the hat.
“Yes! We shall! Come on!” The Hatter said, running to catch up with Jack. “How do we get in without your mum knowing. That’s the only door. “ He questioned.
“Don’t worry. Already got it covered.” Jack smirked.

“Mummy! Daddy needs your help in the office…trying to figure out electrical things and how you want the floor plan of the houses.” Jester smiled. He took a quick glace out the window where he saw his brother and Mad Hatter.
“Men…can’t do anything! Now can they?” The Queen of Spades whined going towards the office. Jester nodded to them with a big grin on his face.
Suddenly, which freaked Aaron out, the Cheshire cat appeared next to him on the bed. It freaked Ace out defiantly.
“Was not expecting that…” Ace laughed.
“Good!” The cat grinned, laughing.
Ace blushed and suddenly Hatter, Ash, Jack, The March Hare, Bayard, Abundiantus, and Malymkun came through the door. Aaron smiled and Hatter smiled back.
“So that’s your full size!” Hatter laughed. “So this isn’t a rescue…is it?”
“No…we just needed you guys here to create a plan.” Jack answered.
“And we couldn’t talk about it at the tea party. No…you had to kidnap a boy, scare me half to death, and make us walk all this way…just to find out that this is not a rescue?” Hatter questioned, smiling.
“Yes. Because we needed to be at the kingdom where we could get into the office.” Ace answered.
“Oh and you guys couldn’t have…hmm told us to go to the Kingdom. Yeah thanks a lot, kids.” Hatter grinned.
“Oh you’re very much welcome.” Ace and Ash smiled. Now Aaron saw the resemblance in the two. They were obviously twins, they’re faces looked so similar, they’re smile too!
“So…where’s your dad?” Hatter questioned.
“In the office with mum!” Jester shouted happily.
“You sent her to the office? With dad? Oh Jester! How are we supposed to get dad without mum suspicious?” Ash sighed.
“Sorry…” Jester sighed, pulling his hat over his eyes.
“No…no. Don’t feel sorry. I’ll get your mum out.” Hatter grinned.
“Tarrant…that’s too risky.” The Cheshire cat purred…”I’ll do it. It seems like evaporating skills could come in handy in this case.” The cat grinned. Before anyone could say anything he disappeared, for a split second, leaving his shiny white teeth forming a grin.

“Hello…” The Cheshire cat called, much like he did too Aaron.
“I’d know those eyes anywhere…” She pointed at the Cheshire Cat’s emerald green eyes and yelled “You hang with the lunatics! LEAVE MY KINGDOM!” But soon she was just yelling at thin air as she realized the cat had moved.
“This is quite a comfy seat. A cat could get used to this.” The Cheshire cat smirked seeing how angry she was.
“GET OUT OF MY THRONE!” She yelled.
“Oh…you mean that throne. Already out.” The cat purred, floating around her. “Might you be interested in seeing this really awesome door I found in your kingdom?” The cat asked, beaming. His eyes bright and his voice confident.
She eyed him suspiciously, but followed him. He had lead her to a closet. She knew that was a closet and said “Oh no…”
“Ah…you think you may get away. But truth is…you cannot get away from the Cheshire cat. We’re all mad here, don’t you see? You just don’t fit the picture. You’re all perfect…everything has to be just right. But here in Wonderland…we like crooked pictures on our walls, we like abnormal structures, we like teeth with gaps, and uneven teeth. We like the weird things in life and we appreciate the little. That is why we have no electricity. Now do you want to ruin the perfect unperfected picture that hangs crooked on the wall?” The Cheshire cat told her.
“YES! Nothing in life should be crooked.”
“Ah…but we don’t like it that way…so see yah after everything is done!” He smiled and pushed her into the closet, locking it with his nail.
“Hey…king. All clear, come into the boy’s room.” The Cheshire cat said and evaporated.
The king followed orders and the rest asked what the Cheshire cat did.
“Locked her in a closet. Kind of cliché, but I think it works.” He answered.
“Chess! How did you do that?” Aaron exclaimed.
“Oh, it was hard, but it was easy. You see, it just takes a little trickery and evaporating.” He chuckled.
“Ok. Well that doesn’t matter, we must come up with a plan.” Ace rushed.
“Well…” Hatter thought. “She’s locked in a closet…what do we do? Why must we defeat her?”
“Because, it’s a closet. It won’t hold her forever.” Jack said.
Hatter wished there would be no fight, that Aaron didn’t have to defeat her, which he most obviously had to do…he wasn’t wishing for himself. He was wishing for Aaron. He didn’t want Aaron to get hurt…he wanted Aaron to stay as long as he could.
I don’t want to keep him here for no reason…yet I want to be around him. I want to be able to talk to him…be able to hug him….be able to see him…but he must go…I know that. I should not be selfish…but he’s Alice’s son.
Hatter wouldn’t admit it, but he feels like he is responsible for anything that happens to Aaron down in Wonderland. Or that Aaron has changed his life and has made his emotions run haywire. Or that the boy has taken over half of his heart and Hatter loves him as a father despite only being there for a day.

“Ok…well I’m tired right now. I want to sleep.” Hatter complained.
“Fine, we’ll come up with a plan tomorrow. But we need someone to watch my wife and make sure she doesn’t get out.” The king said.
“I’ll do it.” The Cheshire cat offered. Before anyone could say anything else, he disappeared in front of the closet.
“What time is it?” Aaron questioned.
The Hatter snorted. “I don’t think anyone in Wonderland knows the time anymore. It’s always tea time! You just sleep when you sleep and drink tea when you’re awake.”
“Oh…” Aaron sighed.
“Just, go to sleep. It doesn’t matter when you go to sleep, it just matters that you get sleep.”  Hatter smiled.

Although Aaron probably wouldn’t admit it, he already looked up to Hatter like a father. Like he was a mentor. Like he would understand anything.
Hatter couldn’t say he could understand everything, but he would listen to what people say. He tried his best to make people smile or laugh. Instead of lying in a bed, Hatter sat against a wall, his hat on his knee and he rested his head on a broken gate, there for design and in a way seperated the door and the actual room where the beds and dressers were. He tried to sleep, but he couldn’t, yet his eyes remained closed.

Aaron couldn’t sleep, he kept tossing and turning. He opened his eyes and put his feet over the edge of his bed and walked over to where Hatter was lying.
He opened his eyes and looked up at Aaron. “Aaron, what are you doing up?” Hatter questioned.
“I couldn’t sleep. I’m too scared.” The young boy admitted, looking at Hatter for comfort.
“Oh…” Hatter said, a bit nervous. He wasn’t sure what to say. “What are you scared of?”

“I’m scared for Wonderland and I’m scared for what might happen…” He paused and looked Hatter in the eyes, “and I’m scared I may have to go into battle…just like my mum.”
Hatter sighed, he would have to sugarcoat this for now.
“Those aren’t things you have to worry about right now. Just know everything is going to work out…no matter what…and if anything, know that I’m going to be here for yah. You trust me?”
“But…how do you know everything is going to be okay? What if-”
Hatter stopped him, “Because I’m the hatter and I just know.” He smiled. “Now do you trust me?”
“Yeah…I trust you.” Aaron smiled.
“Are you still afraid?” He asked.
“Want to know what I’m afraid of?” Hatter asked the boy. He would tell him he was afraid of saying goodbye.
“Sure.” He said kind of interested.
“I’m afraid of saying goodbye…” He admitted, looking in the boy’s eyes.
“But you don’t have to say goodbye, you could come into the real world.”
“I’m afraid I can’t. Wonderland is my home. But I’ll miss you.” Hatter answered the boy. He wanted to go into the real world, but Wonderland was his home and he couldn’t leave it. No matter how bad it looked, it was Wonderland.

The End

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