Underground: Chapter 6. Jack Spades

“Hello, Hatter.” The boy said with innocence seeping from the words he said. He sounded harmless, but was that the case?

“Jack, what do you want?” Malymkun questioned the boy, who, without invitation sat down.

“I came to make peace. Truthfully, my father, little brothers, and sister have done nothing. It was all mum. We had no choice but to listen to her. We’re sorry.” The boy named Jack apologized.

Hatter, Malymkun, Abundiantus, the March Hare, and Aaron all formed a circle and whispered what they thought.

“What if he’s just trying to get our trust so he can destroy us?” Malymkun asked.

“No…no…he doesn’t look like it. He sounds serious. And he mentioned his brothers and sister, you know he cares about those three. So I think he’s being truthful. Marchy, your thought?” Hatter said.

“I’m with Hatter! Besides…look! He’s drinking tea!” The March Hare answered. “Cup…”

None of them knew what him drinking tea had to do with anything, but they ignored that and took ‘I’m with Hatter’ as his answer.

“Aaron, your thought?” Malymkun asked.

“I think…he’s safe.” Aaron answered. If Aaron hadn’t heard his words, Aaron would’ve thought that the boy was evil and that he didn’t care. But having heard his words, he agreed with Hatter and the March Hare. His words just sounded so sincere and sorry.

“Abundiantus!” Hatter yelled in the dormouse’s ear. Aaron felt bad for the poor thing, but didn’t say so. He was probably used to it.

“Wha?” It tiredly asked, ready to fall asleep again.

“You’re thought?” The March Hare asked.

“Oh…uh…yes.” It started falling asleep.

The March hare shook it.

“Yes what? Yes, Jack is looking for trouble, or yes, he’s completely harmless?” Aaron asked.

“Second one.” He mumbled and fell back asleep. The March Hare picked him up and they all moved back to the table and sat down.

“What was that for?” Jack questioned, eyeing them suspiciously.

“Uh…nothing…” Aaron lied.

“Who are you?” Jack asked even more confused.

“Aaron. I’m Alice’s son. Who are you?”

“Alice’s son? Wow…I’ve heard of her…but you could say she was only a myth to my family. I’m Jack Spades. I come from the royal family here. My mum is the queen my dad is the king. Though…no one likes my mother….and my family and I aren’t an acceptation. You see, my family is actually from the real world. But we stumbled down the hole one day. Mum ended up meeting the Queen of Hearts and she pretty much brainwashed her into destroying Wonderland. But mum didn’t stop there, although we wish she did. No. She wanted Wonderland to look normal. She wanted Wonderland to have technology and electricity. But it seemed no one in Wonderland was up for that. And I guess when I saw Tarrant’s face covered in tears and soot…I didn’t want to do it anymore. Dad was never fond of the idea. And my little brothers and sister were with me.”

“Wow…how old are you and where is the rest of your family?” Aaron questioned. He was interested. And even Malymkun didn’t believe he was evil anymore. Didn’t believe he was only looking for trouble. He was innocent, as he should always be thought of as such.

Jack was never evil, just misguided. Before his mum became crazy with power and told to destroy Wonderland, she was an ok mum. Sure a little stuck up sometimes and didn’t like anything, but average. Jack was actually surprised she had more than two kids. Because the perfect families always have two kids. A son and a daughter. Did I mention she loves everything to be perfect? That’s why she was upset when her second son came out with red hair (odd because it doesn’t run in the family).

“Oh I’m sixteen. And the rest of my family….at the kingdom. I can take you there…it’s a dangerous road. And I don’t know what you’ll do. I can just go get the rest of my family and we can talk about ways to defeat my mum. Actually forget the first one I said, wait here I’ll go get my family.” He called to Aaron as he started running.

“Hatter, why were you scared of Jack at first?” Aaron asked Hatter who had been sitting there quietly.

“Oh…only his mum. You see we got off on the wrong foot when she first came to Wonderland. Though it’s not easy getting off on the right foot with her.” Hatter started. “You see not only did she call me a mad crazy lunatic. Maybe I wouldn’t have minded if she just called me mad, now that’s a compliment. But lunatic? It’s an insult!” Hatter stomped his foot.

“And not only that, but she did not appreciate my singing! The same thing happened with the Queen of hearts also…” Hatter shook his head. “They don’t know good singing when they hear it!”

“You sing?”

“Well, following Wonderland how it used to be, we’re all performers here!” The Hatter smiling his crooked smile.

“What song should I sing? I know tons!” The Mad Hatter asked.

“Twinkle Twinkle little bat!” The March Hare suggested.

“Twinkle, twinkle, little bat,

How I wonder what you’re at” The hatter sung, stepping onto the table.

“Up above the world you fly, like a tea tray in the sky. Twinkle twinkle twinkle twinkle winkle twinkle------” He held the last twinkle for such long a long time that Malymkun threatened to stick him with her “sword”

“Ok ok…” Hatter jumped off the table and sat in his seat again.

“Before I even got done with the first verse she said ‘Your murdering the tune! Stop this lunatic from singing!’ Rude right? Similar thing happened with the queen of hearts. She told me I was murdering Time and yelled off with my head though..” Hatter sighed and ran his fingers through the hair in the back of his head, not covered by his hat.

“Very rude.” Aaron agreed. “There’s a similar song in my world.”

“Oh! Do sing it!” The March Hare and Hatter called in unison.

“I’m afraid I can’t…”

Hatter looked disappointed. “Stage fright?” Aaron nodded. “My dear boy, you’ve got nothing to be afraid of. We’re all friends! And when you’re with friends, the fun, it never ends!” The Hatter smiled, realizing he made a rhyme.

“Have I made a rhyme?” Everyone nodded and laughed crazily.

“So…we’re friends?” Aaron questioned.

“Silly boy! Of course we are! Any relative of Alice is!” Hatter smiled at him, but suddenly his gaze shifted to behind Aaron and he got a worried look on his face. Aaron who was still smaller than his average size got told by the Hatter to drink the same thing he had drunk in the room.

“Why?” Aaron whined.

“Just drink it!” Hatter demanded, stepping in front of the boy, hoping to cover him. “Now get in my hand!” Hatter commanded. Aaron did as he was told and was suddenly put into Hatter’s hat.

“Where is he?” A card guard questioned Tarrant.

“Where is who?” Hatter questioned. This is not good! I hope they don’t stay long…they ruined all the fun. Hatter thought.

“The little boy!” His voice boomed like a stereo on it’s highest.

“You know there’s a lot of boys in the world. But there’s even more girls in the world. And little boys? There’s a lot of little boys! Aren’t they adorable? Little kids are the cutest things in the world! Glad we had this chat, bye bye now. Come again!” Hatter quickly rushed them and mumbled under his breath “but not really.”

“We’re not going without the boy!”

“But I’m afraid we don’t have a little boy here!” Hatter shouted.

Suddenly another card guard said that he put him in his hat. How did he know? He must have really good eyes! This is bad…very very bad. I don’t want those scummy hands touching my hat.

Hatter took his hat off and whispered “There’s a tag in there, hold on tight.”

Aaron took hold of the tag. The card guards had seen him though and went after the hat.

“Marchy! Catch!” The Hatter yelled. The hare, hearing his name looked up and put his arms up ready to catch.

The hare, seeing the Cheshire cat yelled “Chessur catch!”

“With what hare?” The cat yelled, but managed to catch it with his mouth. “I feel like a dog.” He stated, as he threw the hat back to the Hatter.

A card guard appeared next to each of them and the one next to Hatter demanded him to give his hat. “If you think I’m giving up this hat,” Hatter started, looking at the golden hat with his deep brown eyes “You’re madder than I.”

Hatter’s eyes had longed changed from the bright green they were to a dark blue again, almost like the nighttime sky. Hatter wiped some dirt off his hat, though it remained covered in soot. And even through

The soot, the gold flickered and glimmered.

“We don’t want your dirty hat. We want the boy!” He bellowed.

“Never.” Hatter gritted his teeth. I don’t want to choose. That’s Alice’s son…the least I can do is protect him. But that’s my hat! My favorite one. I can’t just replace my hat. No…never. But Aaron. But my hat. Hatter tried to work it out in his head, but it just didn’t work. He still didn’t know who to choose.

Hatter dropped the hat and yelled “Run!” to the boy inside of it. Someone lifted up the hat and Aaron dashed. At the moment he was a bit smaller than Malymkun. But a heavy hand grabbed him and laughed harshly and made a cage out of his fingers. They were chubby fingers. Aaron took one last look at the party, one last look at the Hatter.

Hatter whose eyes had turned red from anger. Though he felt more upset, than angered. His eyes remained red and he kicked an old tree. And sat down by the ground. He picked up his hat, wiped off the dirt and put his head in his hands and let a few tears fall. Even the March Hare realized that this was a serious situation and went over to Hatter to try and cheer him up.

“Dormouse! WAKE UP! Tell us a story!” He yelled. “Quickly now. We don’t want you to fall asleep during it!” March Hare stood there, hoping he had done a good thing.

The dormouse told his famous story about Elsie, Lacie, and Tillie, but even that couldn’t cheer Hatter up.

The End

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