Underground: Chapter 5. A Gloomy Hatter At A Tea Party

Hatter, the March Hare, and the two dormice were leading the way. Cheshire and Aaron were right behind them.

Hatter was just looking forward, rather upset he was.

Alice had a son…He thought…she got married and had a son. She’s never coming back to Wonderland…she probably doesn’t even believe anymore! Hatter yelled inside his head. And if she doesn’t believe in Wonderland, I don’t exist to her. BUT SHE SAID SHE WOULDN’T FORGET ME! SHE PROMISED!

Hatter’s bright green eyes turned to dark blue and he looked down as he walked. Aaron noticed this, but decided not to ask. He didn’t want to bother him. He knew the Hatter was famous for changing his mood rather quickly.

“Well…here we are.” Hatter faked a smile and pointed to the tea table. “It’s tea time.”

“Hatter? Are you ok?” Malymkun, the dormouse that didn’t sleep all the time, questioned, seriously. She knew the answer was no. She usually wouldn’t have asked, but she knew none of the others would ask. The March Hare would’ve just sat there playing with a spoon, she knew Aaron was too afraid to ask; it showed, she knew Chess didn’t care, and she knew the sleeping dormouse, Abundiantus
would’ve just slept through the answer if he even woke up to ask the question. So she was the only one left to ask the question.

“Yes, just perfect!” The Mad Hatter answered. “See?” He questioned and smiled. It was obviously fake. It wasn’t crooked and it wasn't an opened mouth smile. Not like what he usually does.

“Hatter? Seriously?” She questioned.

“Fine…no!” Hatter yelled and looked away. He couldn’t believe he was doing this, acting like a child.

“What’s up?” Aaron spoke up. That’s how he always asked what was wrong. He learned it from his father.

“The sky…?” Hatter said, confused. “How does that help the situation at all?”

“No…I meant. What’s wrong?” Aaron asked, almost laughing at Hatter’s answer.

“Then you should say what you mean.” Hatter pointed out, smiling.

“Well, that’s what I meant.” Aaron answered, seeing no difference.

“But what you meant was not said. That’s like saying I see what I eat is the same as I eat what I see.” Hatter told him.

“Or I see what I get is the same as I get what I see.” The March Hare answered, finally tuning in what they were saying.

“OR…” Hatter started.

“I get it! They’re not the same thing!” Aaron interrupted.

“Well, you don’t have to yell…” The Hatter, looking very hurt answered.

“So, Hatter. What is wrong?” Aaron questioned.

“Your mum.” Hatter says, looking down in his teacup, noticing it was empty Hatter shouted “NEW CUP!” Anything to get off the topic. He doesn’t feel like talking about it. Malymkun ran to another spot in the table, Abundiantus was picked up by the March Hare, Cheshire evaporated to another spot, while the rest moved down a couple seats.

Abundiantus was thrown down on a seat, half waking up. The March hare plopped down in a seat to the left of the sleeping dormouse and Hatter to the right of him.

“My mum?” Aaron curiously questioned.

“Yes. She’s been on my mind quite recently. Actually just while we were walking…” Hatter admitted. He didn’t know if he felt better or worse.

“But why would you be upset about that? My mum is a wonderful lady.” Aaron smiled proudly.

“Yes…that she is. But that’s exactly the reason! I miss her…” He drank his tea fast and was about to call new cup when Malymkun stopped him. She knew exactly what he was going to do.

“Hatter…just give it a rest and talk about it. You should give him a reason why you miss his mum so much.”

Hatter took a deep breath. “Your mother was a wonderful person. She told me that the best people are mad. She made me smile. She saved my homeland. And she told me she would never forget me…that she would always remember me. But I’m not quite sure she does. I’m not even sure she believes in Wonderland anymore. If she did she could at least have dropped in and said hi or something!” Hatter confessed to the young boy sitting right across from him.

“Of course she believes! You can’t just forget this type of place, especially when you’ve been here three times!” Aaron reassured. Which ended with Hatter smiling his crooked smile.

Suddenly a boy came walking towards them. He had black hair, which covered his right eye and a spade on his left cheek. He was in all black and he looked about seventeen. Even though you could see his left eye, it was heavily coated with eye liner.

To Aaron, this boy was evil looking. Like he belonged in some kind of horror movie, which Aaron was deathly afraid of. Aaron was curious. What is it that this boy wanted? Was he a friend, a foe? Everyone looked at him oddly. Like somehow he didn’t belong here. He didn’t look like it either. He didn’t look like he belonged in Wonderland, besides the spade on his left cheek, he very well could’ve passed off as a student in Aaron’s high school. Or anyone’s high school for a matter of fact.

“Jack?” Hatter asked, almost scared.

If Hatter is scared…should I be scared? Aaron wondered. But he couldn’t stop looking at the boy. There was something about him. The only people that were human from what his mummy told him in the stories are, The Mad Hatter, and both the queens. Aaron didn’t know of any others. Queen….queen…queen! That’s it! That was the queen’s son.

Aaron nudged Malymkun. “What?” She asked, confused. What could the boy want from her?

“Who is that?” Aaron whispered, who Hatter called Jack came closer.

“That’s Jack, the king’s and queen’s oldest son.” Malymkun answered.

The End

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