Underground: Chapter 4. Up In The Real World

Alice was terrified at what she just witnessed. Should she go after him? Surely enough Wonderland would remember her. After all, she was there three times.

But…on the flip side, her husband had no idea what had happened or what Wonderland is or why in the world their son just went down a hole.

“Um…there’s a reasonable explanation I suppose.” Alice weakly smiled. There was no REASONABLE explanation. Hello! It’s Wonderland. When has it ever been reasonable? When has it ever made sense? When was everything normal in Wonderland? All three answers…never, never, and never!

“That’s like saying a flying man is reasonable.” Brant said.

Alice laughed at the thought and imagined it in her head. “Well…I could tell you the stories. I have three. Each are lengthy, but I think you will find out what Aaron has to face, who he’ll meet, and a few other things.” Alice told him.

“Fine…go on.” Brant loved her, really he did. But he was worried, nerve wrecked, scared, and extremely perplexed.

Alice told him all the stories and shortened them as much as she could without taking out the excitement, adventure, action, or humor. Which wasn’t easy. And it was then Alice realized that they weren’t dreams of hers. They were all memories. Memories which lie in the back of her head, where she told herself they were childish thoughts and dreams. That they weren’t real. And it was that, that caused her not to chase Mctwisp. She regretted that. She was sure that Mctwisp wanted her, not Aaron.

“Uh...have you gone to the doctor's lately?” He questioned.
"No?" She answered.
"Well...I think we better head to one. Are you feeling alright?"

“Yes, Brant. I’m very sure. I’m positive. Did you not just see our son fall down a hole? Wonderland is real…no joke. No kidding. It’s not a prank. I swear that this is real.” Alice looked deeply in his eyes.

"No I will not believe that our son fell down a hole and ended up in a place called Wonderland! It's too farfetched!" He yelled.

"But it's true!" Alice yelled.

"Let's go find our son, ok? He must be somewhere down that hole, probably stuck." Brant said and got up.

"No!" Alice yelled.

After about ten minutes of arguing, Brant found truth in her eyes, he found that this was the case. That his son had fallen down a giant rabbit hole to a place called Wonderland. He had to believe her eyes...they were beautiful...crystal blue. The most unique blue eyes he had ever seen. Her eyes had tears starting to form. Not only from Aaron, but from him aswell. He had caused her to almost cry. It was their first fight about something this serious.

“What are we supposed to do, just sit here?” He questioned in an apoligetic tone.

“I don’t know…I guess that’s the best thing to do…he will come out, eventually. I’m sure of it, it always happens.” Alice worriedly said. She knew from three happenings that she was usually woken up, which made her come to the conclusion that they were all a dream. So…she’s not sure how this would work.

She was afraid, terrified, horrified, and extremely alarmed. If he didn’t come back, she wouldn’t know what to do. But the best is to keep her husband with high hopes.

Little did she know that down in Wonderland they were talking about her right at the moment.

The End

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