Underground: Chapter 3. Wonderland in Ruins...Again?

 Instead of what Alice saw in her first adventure, the amazing land, the amazing creatures, what Aaron saw was much different. Soot seemed to surround the dead trees, there were very little mushrooms left, there was an odd smell. Like smoke and flowers mixed together. Stones seemed to cover everything and it just didn’t seem how his mum had described it to him in Alice’s first adventure.

Maybe Alice’s third adventure described how it looked better. Still, it looked like a lot of fire had touched Wonderland. Which is odd, he never imagined that. He knew not everyone in Wonderland was well mannered, but the chances of a third evil queen? It seemed almost impossible. Yet…there’s always a slim chance. Aaron walked around hopelessly, wondering if there was a way to fix it. It didn’t seem right. Not at all. Wonderland was supposed to be a wonderful happy place, a place where people laughed and smiled and didn’t feel different…because the truth is; everyone in Wonderland is mad.

Aaron walked along the roads covered with soot, dirt, and stones. Pondering the thought of helping Wonderland. Could he do it? Would he do as good as a job as Alice? Would he have to slay something big and scary like Alice? The only way to find out was to keep going.

The flowers, missing some petals, had started talking. Wondering who he was. Asking if he was the savior of Wonderland.

“Are you the savior of Wonderland?” A purple flower doubtfully asked. What if he was just sent by the queen? Then the rest of her would be destroyed and there’d be no reason for them to exist.

“I don’t know.” Aaron answered, honestly. Looking into her sorrowful eyes and then looked around. “What happened?” Aaron questioned, seeming so full of astonishment that Wonderland would ever look like this.

“The queen. The queen of Spades. Not only has she been setting fire to things. But she’s been destroying homes of many. Ruining the flowers; even by accident with her builders. You see, she’s been up there, in your world. And she wants Wonderland to look ordinary. And she wants Wonderland to have technology and electricity. But no one wants that. No one here anyway. And the rumor has it that she met the Queen of Hearts and she put her up to all this. I think the Queen of Hearts put her up to destroying Wonderland, I have no idea about the rebuilding.” The flower dismally answered in full explanation.

“That’s horrible!” Aaron exclaimed.

“Yes…that’s why I was hoping you were our savior. We haven’t had one since Alice seven years ago. But before then it was even longer ago…when we were all still very much beautiful. I just don’t know what to do. What can I do? I’m rooted in the ground, no way out. But I still yell at people when they touch me. But they don’t even stop to look anymore. I can’t believe what she has the tweedles doing!” The flower angrily said.

The Tweedles? Aaron thought. I know the name…but who are they? Are they…uh…Aaron thought. Just then the flower pointed behind Aaron.

“There they are!” The flower yelled. The Tweedles seemed to not be thinking at all as they started wrecking the nearby home. Not with fire, instead with big boulders. Almost like a crane.

Aaron turned around and ran towards the Tweedles. “Who are you guys?”

“I’m Dee and he’s Dum.” One said.

“No I’m Dee and he’s Dum!” The other one said.

“Nah uh!”

“Uh huh!”

“Um…you’ve got names sewn into your shirts…” Aaron pointed out. “It says you’re Dum,” Aaron pointed to the one claiming to be Dee. “And you’re Dee.” Aaron pointed to the one claiming to be Dum.

“Ah…thanks much! Now we can finish our greeting! I’m Dee.” Dee smiled.

“And I’m Dum!”

“So…what are you guys doing?” Aaron asked, looking at the two of them. They looked very human and they were nearly impossible to tell apart without the sweaters where their names were sewn. They both had brown hair and lots of freckles. They also had dark blue eyes. Dee had some height on Dum though. They looked like normal twenty year old men to Aaron. Or to anybody for that matter.

“We’re doing what the Queen of Spades said,” Dee started.

“Yeah. Destroy the homes in sight that didn’t look like what she called normal.” Dum finished.

“But you can’t do that. The Owners of the home will get upset and mad. And they would have no reason to exist anymore. I know you’re friends with the Mad Hatter…do you want him to have no reason to exist anymore?”

Dee and Dum looked at each other for awhile. “Well no,” Dum started.

“But what else can we do? We’re afraid of what she can do with us.” Dee finished.

“Stand up for what’s right of course!” Aaron smiled, bringing smiles too the twins’ faces.

“I don’t know though…”

“Pretty risky.” Dum finished.

“Just do it? And stop destroying these houses. Fight the fear and you’ll go a long way. That’s what my daddy always says.” Aaron told them.

As the Tweedles were walking off, they were talking to each other. “Does he look…familiar?” Dee asked.

“He acts familiar!” Dum stated positively.

The flower, her name, Roseberry Blossom, thanked him and Aaron skipped on his way. During all his happiness of doing something right, he didn’t notice the grin appearing in a tree nearby.

“Hello…” It said, actually it was more like a call.

Aaron jumped. The voice…it was kind of freaky. Especially when it was as random as it was. He looked up just in time to see the grin as the body and the rest of the face appeared.

“Chess?” Aaron asked.

“Why no, I don’t play chess. Unless you’re referring to me of course. I never know with new comers.” Chess grinned. “But if you could, not to mix stuff up…call me Cheshire.”

“Um…I was talking about your name. I once heard it in a story from my mother.” Aaron told the cat.

“Your mother?” Cheshire evaporated right next to Aaron, inspected his face and his eyes lit up.

“Your eyes…your mother. You’re Alice’s son!” Cheshire called.

“Yes, that’s my mummy’s name. How do you know?” Aaron questioned, curiously. He hadn’t put two and two together and realized that his mother was Alice from the story.

“Alice came to Wonderland when she was 6, 7, and 19.” The Cheshire cat told Aaron, evaporating to the tree again.

Aaron stood there astonished, finally doing the math. It all made sense now! His mother was Alice and went to Wonderland and did everything! She was famous here! So that must mean, he’ll be famous.

The Cheshire grinned and evaporated. Aaron didn’t know where he went until he yelled out.

“Alice’s son is here! In Wonderland! Our Alice had a son!” the cat yelled.

At first it seemed like no one believed him. After all, he is the Cheshire cat. He may not be the most believable person in Wonderland.

Everyone looked at Aaron and he sensed his face had turned red. After everyone looked at him for awhile they agreed that Alice had a son after all.

“I’ve got to show Tarrant! He’ll be so excited!” The Cheshire cat exclaimed, disappearing, leaving his grin for a split second.

Aaron sat under the tree, expecting the Cheshire to come back with them. Half expecting the Cheshire cat to evaporate to Aaron, he noted not to be too jumpy, that he shouldn’t be either.

Aaron was confused. Was this real? Was this fake? This can't be real...it's just his imagination. It's just a dream. It has to be. It couldn't be real. No...he was fast asleep right now. His mum's stories got to him. Aaron touched the tree...it felt so real.

It was real. Chess came running alongside the Hatter. The Hatter had a gold hat, with a golden-ish, brown-ish suit. His shirt was red. On his hat it said “10/6” and Aaron smiled, realizing that no matter how different the Hatters look, that is what the hat always has.

Underneath the hat, which wasn’t as big as others have portrayed it, the Hatter had brown hair. It was coming out from the front of his hat and it looked mighty fun to play with.

The hatter had a stubble and his eyes were emerald green. Like most Hatter’s in the movies you see, the Hatter did in fact have a gap in his teeth, but nothing too wide. Maybe an inch at the most.

Along with him he brought the March Hare, who was holding a spoon, and the two dormice. One of them past out on the rim of his hat and the other standing on his shoulder, and the tack/sword in her holster.

The March Hare’s ears were in an interesting position. The left one was up and the right one was down, almost like he was trying to pick up the radio signal or something. His eyes were wide and golden and his teeth were bucked, but uneven also. The spoon seemed to infatuate him so much he hardly noticed that he was about to walk into a tree. The Mad Hatter, pulled at his collar, as to help him not run into the tree. His suit was blue, worn out, and dirty. The pants full of holes, the top’s color was fading away so it almost looked gray.

The sleeping door mouse was brown and furry and wore a brown button up shirt and no pants nor leggings and he seemed to prefer it that way. He looked like an ordinary dormouse, although…if you could imagine your dormouse with a buttoned up brown shirt, then yes very ordinary dormouse, if you couldn’t, he would seem slightly odd, now wouldn’t he?

The one wide awake on Hatter’s shoulder was wearing a pink and white dress. She seemed to take precaution to Aaron, as if he wasn’t Alice’s son. But then again, maybe she thought he wasn’t. She was white and had big adorable ears, thought Aaron. She had a holster for, which she called sword, but what

everyone else saw it as, a tack. Or pin.

The Hatter, who pretty much galloped with joy, extended his right hand. Aaron smiled and put his hand in the Hatter’s. The hatter shook his hand very fast, and Hatter’s hand was almost twice the size of Aaron’s. He seemed to be overjoyed.

“I’m The Mad Hatter. But you can call me Hatter or even Tarrant. Is it true? Are you Alice’s son!?” The Hatter asked excitedly, wanting to know the truth and what happened to his dear Alice. His voice was melodious. It was smooth and seemed like every word from his mouth was like music.

The End

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