Underground: Chapter 2. The Tiny Door

Aaron, bored to death in the grocery store looked out the window. The library was right there, only seconds away. But no. Neither his parents could stop shopping and let him go to the library. Aaron zoned out, but something took him out of his daydreams.

A rabbit in a waistcoat? He thought of his dream, he thought of his mother’s story. He matched both the descriptions. But what was he doing here? Who was he trying to bring?

“Mummy!” Aaron called, at least a dozen of ladies looked at him by instinct. He walked over to his mother and told her to follow him. She did so and asked what.

“Mummy look, it’s the rabbit in the waistcoat! It’s Mctwisp!” He pointed. He was looking at them…scared.

Mctwisp was behind a tree, looking around hopelessly for the family. The little boy, Alice's little boy spotted him. The white rabbit was scared. He heard Alice say she didn't see him, which was the bad thing...because he saw the boy bolt out of the door towards him. Mctwisp ran towards the hole and jumped down. Not thinking Aaron was right there.

“No…no honey. I don’t see him.” Alice lied. Of course she saw him! She was Alice and she was sure he wanted to bring her instead of his son. Yet when Aaron heard that he bolted out the door. He couldn't let Mctwisp get away, if he didn't...he wouldn't know where to go. And he had to get to Wonderland.
Alice grabbed her husband and made him make quite the mess, as when he dropped the watermelon it splattered. Alice blushed but began running as soon as they got out of the door. Brant, trying to catch up began running too. He had no idea why they were running, just that something was wrong. He always knew when something worried Alice. And now…she was deeply worried.

Aaron had reached the hole and was now staring down at it. He knew what always happened. But he was confused. Should he stay or go? He knew it was wrong that he ran from his mother, but he had to. The rabbit obviously wanted him to follow. Now he had to follow.

He was just about to go down the hole when Alice appeared with Brant close behind.

“Wait…” Alice yelled.

Aaron attempted to turn around, but there was an unseen rock and he slipped right into the hole. But this was all wrong, he was just going to turn around go to his mother. He was going to apologize, but now…it’s too late.

Aaron was falling….and falling…and feeling like he’ll never stopped. He flinched in fear as all the items of houses came hurdling towards him. None hit him thankfully! Oddly enough though, he was falling slowly. When he finally landed it seemed like he had been falling for an hour. Something was not right. The chandelier was upside down! Or maybe…he was? The next thing he knew he landed on his behind hard.

“Now…what to do…what to do?” He questioned himself out loud. He checked all the doors…and there were quite a lot. Probably about seven. They were all locked. But then he saw something…a little door.

He turned the knob, but no luck.

“Where am I supposed to get a key that small!? My pinky finger nail is bigger!” He exclaimed, laughing at the odd predicament.

He turned around to sit and think, but then he saw it. The small key. Now the only problem is him fitting through that puny door! He sat down, key in hand and sighed. He needed to be able to fit. It was not going to work if he tried to go out the door if he’s the size he is now. Aaron could only get his arm


Something appeared on the table. A bottle of something. He was not quite sure what it was.

It doesn’t look poisoned. Aaron thought. Aaron drank some. With the awful taste he almost spit it all over

the floor.

Alice had never described the taste…He thought…maybe she should’ve though! This tastes awful! Worse then celery.

Aaron felt odd. His stomach suddenly hurt. But then things started changing. Everything was getting bigger…or maybe he was getting smaller. It seemed to make sense. That’s what happened to Alice. With the key still in hand, he walked over to the little door, which now, did not look so little. It looked just like an average size door. He turned the key with very little trouble, he still did not know exactly which way to turn the key.

But anyway, the door swung open and what he saw…amazed him.

The End

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