Underground: Chapter 1. Bedtime

The boy awoke with a fright. This was the third nightmare. And the same one too. There was always the white rabbit, yelling at him. Telling him he was late.

And then there was always the crazy hare throwing a teacup at him, yelling that he‘s late for tea. That’s when he always wakes up.

“Mummy…?” Aaron Stiles questioned as he walked in his parent’s, Alice’s and Brant’s room.

“Yes honey?” Alice questioned, looking at him concerned. This was the third night in a row that he’s done this.

“I had the same nightmare…don’t people usually have different dreams?” Aaron asked worried, as he crawled into their bed.

His mother put her arms around his neck, kissed his head and smiled.

“I don’t know.” It was what her mother said when she asked the same exact question. Only seven years ago. She hadn’t a clue what the dream was about now. It has been too long.

Aaron frowned at her answer, but didn’t ask it again.

Instead he asked “Will you tell me a story?”

Alice smiled, quite remembering loving stories. Adventure stories with action.

When she was Aaron’s age, six, she had vivid dream.

Alice was the main character and she fell down a hole. She ended up in this place called Wonderland. Alice had to show the queen evidence that the person she framed for stealing the tarts didn’t steal them at all. How curious it had been. As a kid she used to swear it was real. But it was all just childish thinking. She had awaken when her sister shook her awake at the bay.

And Alice had quite another odd dream, only about a year later. She walked through her looking glass, which was now silvery liquid. Everything was the opposite and she had to run twice as fast to get somewhere. After leaving during a game of chess (On a giant chess board in the ground) she meets some interesting people. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, Humpty Dumpty, The lion and the Unicorn. Then she awoke holding her black kitten, Kitty.

Alice had another dream when she was nineteen, this was the last one. Alice had to face an odd dragon thing named the Jabberwocky. She did so and when it was finished…the White queen took over in place of the Red Queen. Along with Stain, the Knave of Hearts, the Red Queen was banished. The white queen took the throne and Alice was asked to stay.

But Alice remembered waking up right after that at her engagement party, concerned looks all around her. How childish she had been back then. Obviously there’s no Wonderland.

Alice decided to tell Aaron about Wonderland. Tell him the stories that were dreams of Alice’s. She had went on amazing adventures and met many people and creatures. It was odd to Alice though, it seemed so real. So vivid. Not like a dream at all…more like a memory. She shrugged off the feeling and went on as though they were all dreams.

Alice walked with Aaron down the hall, her hand on his back. He lied in his bed, facing Alice who was on a nearby chair.

“I’ll tell you all about Wonderland today!” Alice excitedly says. “It all started with a six year old girl, Alice. You see, she was at the bay with her sister and oddly enough she sees a rabbit in a blue waistcoat…” Alice smiled, telling all about the first adventure of Alice.

Alice smiled down at the sleeping form of her child. He had fallen asleep right after the court case and when Alice was returning home. She pecked his head and carefully and quietly walks out of the room to go to sleep herself.

“Mummy! I l didn’t have the nightmare again!” Aaron proudly smiled, at seven in the morning.

“That’s great dear. Now eat your frosted flakes. We’re going out today, but we promise we won’t miss tea. I know that’s important to you Aaron.” Alice said, giving the boy a bowl full of cereal.

Aaron ate it quickly, he didn’t want to hold up his mother. Also he was hoping to go to the library. Maybe he could find a good book to read. Unlike most six year olds, Aaron was very into reading and is excelled at reading. He can’t read pre-teen books, but he can read a book for ten year olds and be aware of all that’s happening and understand most of the words.

But Aaron didn’t even get to the library when it happened…

The End

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