Underground: Prologue

An Alice in Wonderland fanfiction. Have you ever wondered what happened to Alice and Wonderland? Find out through the eyes of Alice's son, Aaron.

“What ever you do…never lose your muchness.” A voice tells a young boy by the name of Aaron.

“Muchness, what’s that?” The boy questioned, looking up at the man.

“It’s in here.” The man pointed to the boy’s heart. “It’s your courage, it’s your strength. It’s the things that keep you going. Never lose it.” The man tells him.

“If I leave…will you miss me?” He questioned.

“Of course Aaron. You’re the last connection to your mum I have.” the man states, honestly. He had grown close to the boy through the days he’s been there.

“Now…go for it!” The man shouted, fixing the hat on his head.

The boy fighting not only for his life, but for his friend’s life. The man with the golden hat watched closely…wishing he could join in. Then he saw the boy fall. No…I do not care about the rules! He yelled inside his head, running onto the giant chessboard. The man fought with his sword, his only weapon.

“RULE BREAKER! YOU LUNATIC!” The queen of spades yelled.

The man turned to the queen angrily. “I’m the lunatic? I’m the lunatic!? LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO THE PLACE! LOOK AROUND! DO YOU SEE ANYONE HAPPY OR CHEERFUL!? YOU’RE THE LUNATIC!” The man yelled, wiping out the last one left.

“Hatter…” The young boy called. All the friend’s gathered around him. Malymkun, The March Hare, and somehow the March Hare got Abundiantus up.

“Good job!” They were all saying. “You did it!”

But what Aaron saw was a blur of colors and shapes. Voices became mixed together and he didn’t know who was who.

“Aaron!?” The Hatter worridly said, yelling at everyone to get away from him. He put his mouth near the boy’s head and whispered “Don’t lose your muchness, my dear boy…and never ever care about what others say.” Hatter sighed and kissed the boy’s head fatherly.

Aaron was shaken and he heard his mum’s voice saying “Aaron, we can go to the library now!”

But…what had happened? He was there. He was in Wonderland! It was real, he swore by it.

The End

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